How to Keep Succubus as Lover(Mistress) and Human Female as Wife? how to manage it?

I want to have relationship with succubus as Mistress(Lover) and have a human Wife.Will Succubus accept this relationship?will succubus get offended by the title of mistress???
What petition should be written to Goddess Lilith to get a succubus as Mistress???
@succupedia has created a topic to write a petition to Goddess Lilith.Can i write this petition to Goddess Naamah?As i am more comfortable with Goddess Naamah…

Hell most succubi would probably prefer that I’d think.


Yes, you can. As long as you treat the succubus with respect and ask her if she is okay with it. state it upfront that you would also be taking a human lover.

Yes. In my opinion. :slight_smile:


Just like you would with a human being - with honesty, respect, and open communication.


Ask and see never assume cause it’s a succubus that they’re all open to it.

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