How to invoke or evoke FENRIR?

I have not decided whether I will evoke or invoke him beacause I don’t know which on is less dangerous please tell which method do you prefer and how to evokeb or invoke him, and do I need offer him something as sign of " thank you" ??

Hmm where did you find this name. I ask because it was vowel off from a servitor I made for my son about four months ago. The name was suggested by my love.

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You mean my username??

No I mean Fenrir. Never mind google says it’s Norse, I’m sure I can dig around. I was under the impression my man made it up, he helped me put energy into the servitor, name it and design it’s kill switch, while I programmed its functions.

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Oh ok :blush:

Yeah just struck as me wtf. With only one vowel changed it’s almost identical :slight_smile: sorry!

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It’s totally fine :+1:t2:

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He prefers to be evoked first. Use a standard evocation procedure, you can find them here on BALG. Most important though is an offering. That goes for almost any spirit really. He really likes items or mixtures that come from the forest. I usually give him fresh stream water or if i’m really fancy I give him a magickal homemade forest blend of different potent ingredients we have in my region.


Fenrir was the first entity I summoned, and has left a profound mark on my formative years as an occultist.

If you REALLY want to talk to him, go to somewhere quiet. Woods and a stream are ideal, but tbh so long as its quiet enough to where you can chill for 30 minutes without being bothered, you’ll be good.

Draw a circle around you with a knife. Consecrate the circle with a drop of your blood. Sit inside the circle, and meditate. Make a small chant specifically made to call upon Fenrir, and repeat that inside your circle with your eyes closed. You’ll get a response.

Be certain of what you ask. I’ve found that Fenrir is very direct in approaching problems and giving what it is you want. It might come as a surprise or a shock when you are granted what you desired, but Fenrir is very effective. Nothing worth having is without hardship.

I offered blood my first time. Just one drop. I dont recommend doing so nowadays, but to each their own. Meat and strong alcohol are offerings you cant go wrong with. Give him the respect he is due, but dont come off as soft


Evoke or Invoke either have similar benefits and dangers. fenrir is a Jotun God of Death like his sister Hel and his brother Jormungandr. You can evoke or invoke him using his name in runic sigil or by calling his father Loki as a mediator.


Thanks a lot :blush:

In elder futhark or younger futhark ??
Thanks btw

Thanks a lot but I don’t have any stream or forests near by but there is alot of mountains near me will that work cause there are also forces of nature and can I do this in daytime ?? Again thanks


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Ok thanks

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as long as it’s in nature somehow yes. You can summon during day as well.

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Thanks a lot I needed this

You can do it in your home, or wherever a good location for you is. If you’re very new I dont recommend doing any work at home until you’ve got an established system for banishing laid out. Anything nature is good, but at the end of the day, it’s really just about what works for you


What does that mean ??

Basically dont unless you know how to properly banish energies and entities from your own.

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