How to invoke Arachne to open my third eye with force?

Arachne is the Spider Goddess of the Void and the queen of Qliphothic labyrinths beneath the Cosmic Tree. Her name is derived from Greek mythology, and according to the famous legend, she was a mortal woman who angered the goddess Athena by challenging her to a weaving contest and was cursed by the goddess to weave for all time. Since that moment Arachne’s name has become ascribed to spiders, and all spider-like creatures are believed to be her children. The myth, however, has a much greater significance from the esoteric perspective. Her magical image is derived from Ophidian cults and the Draconian/Typhonian Tradition as described e.g. by Kenneth Grant in his Typhonian Trilogies. In this tradition, she is a primal Qliphothic goddess, the Queen of Space and the Weaver of the Web in the Void. The web of Arachne extends across the Void, bridging the gulf between the Dayside and the Nightside, waking and dreaming, the conscious and the unconscious. Her power is magical venom, which is deadly to mundane consciousness but essential in the formula of initiation, as it triggers the process of transformation through the inner alchemy of the mind. She usually manifests in a human form, as a beautiful woman with reptilian features, or as a half-woman half-spider. Her hair is often made of snakes and she resembles the legendary Medusa, although Arachne’s snakes are ghastly and woven from the substance of shadow. She bites the practitioner in the

forehead to open and activate the Third Eye and injects her venom into the aura to induce the astral transformation into a spider.
Draconian Sigil of Arachne
The spider itself is an ancient symbol of growth and destruction, mystery and fate, poison and healing. In the Hindu lore, it represents Maya, Illusion. At the same time it stands for the art of manipulation of our destinies and the ability to maintain balance - between past and future, spiritual and physical, creation and destruction. The world we live in is interconnected on various levels that work and interact with one another, thus weaving the web that forms the veil of illusion. What we perceive as “reality” is the outer picture of the whole process at a particular moment. We are in the center of this network, like a spider weaving and spreading its web across empty space. We pull strings, create new threads, link particular points in the network, etc., but it all happens in a random, uncontrolled way, as we can only see the outer picture. The structure behind it is hidden from our perception. Arachne teaches us that the root of all things is in the Void. Her venom dissolves mundane consciousness and opens the way to clear seeing. Through

successive injection and absorption of particular venoms, the black kalas of the Goddess, we learn that all matter is illusion and it can be poisoned, dissolved, molded, shaped, etc. - decomposed and created anew. She shows us how to gaze through the veil of illusion and see the web itself, how to change and manipulate it at its roots, and by invoking her essence and absorbing her venomous kalas, we acquire the power to weave the web, thus becoming the true center of the universe and the very root of all manifestation.

Invocation of Arachne
I am Arachne,
Spider Queen of Space,
She who spins the Web of Fates,
Goddess of Venomous Alchemy,
Seducer of Souls,
Devourer of Gods.
I am the Goddess of the Void,
She who opens secret gateways between dimensions,
And teaches the art of traveling through the pathways of the Spider, She who rises to consume the world in her venom.
I am the goddess of a thousand names and a thousand faces, She who holds all gifts and powers of life and death,
Who weaves Chaos from Order and Order from Chaos.
I am the chalice of venom and divine nectar,
The source of wisdom and inspiration.
I am the Queen of the Dead
And I bring death and rebirth in the Womb of the Dragon.
I am the mother and the destroyer.
I am the black elixir of transformation, change and becoming.
I am the black womb of the universe,
She who delivers all life and devours it in the cycle of the universe. I am the Goddess of the Night
She who awakens the dead and puts the living to eternal sleep.
I am the spider that spins the web across all worlds and dimensions. I am the mistress of dreams
And I guide the soul through realms of nightmares and fantasies.
I am the Serpent, the Spider and the Moon.
Those who seek my knowledge I guide in between spaces and angles.

Those who do not dare to face me I trap in my web and devour.
I am the mystery of life and death, light and darkness, day and night. I spin my Web of Destiny and create my own path to Infinity.
I am the Spinner, the Weaver and the Cutter.
I am Arachne.

How do I do this?
I need to have her open my third eye :eye:


I wouldn’t approach Arachne for this reason alone. If you want to do this, you could try this rite: The Nightside Mass of the Third Eye – V.K. Jehannum

Much success with that writer’s work.


Do you know of a website I can translate the words in English?

Show utmost respect and cut out the mythology. She transcends a lot. A fucking lot. Be strong in, heart and mind

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I would suggest whatever you do
To do it gently
Like if you open your third eye totally like in an instant
You can experiment paranoia or delusions if you dont get use to have it open like step by step

Yeah I know the whole mythology of demons, spirits being evil. is just a bunch of Christians lies

Why is it that’s gods and goddesseses are always cursing each other or humans? Not just with Archne but many other examples to.

I don’t know I’m not a god or a goddess

That’s mythology for ya

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Either that, or their just like us. People do this ALL the time to each other.

(Not litterly but like verbally cursing, and yeah ritually/magically cursing)

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I’m, not talking about general mythology stuff. If you’re almost new, to this or intermediate but have, doubts, in yourself don’t call, on sepheranz (that’s her name) .She is not one to call for a, casual, ritual or shit like that.
She transcends,all the gods, you know, of

I’m not scaring you. I’m telling you you’ll need to be very much on your(extremely) on your toes when working with her. And very mentally and spiritually fit

Demons gods don’t scare me and I don’t need to be on my toes while working with any being

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:you have no idea

Good luck mate

I can show you how to invoke her

I don’t need any luck

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