How to inspire someone to action

I want to inspire someone in my home to clean up a huge mess they’ve been accumulating for years. Normally, they get very defensive whenever this topic comes up. I would like to assess if a spirit or demon is causing them to behave this way, and then ultimately make them take action and clear out the clutter.

I could probably put together a spell of my own, and usually I would, but since I’m here I wanna hear from you guys.

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Seems like a case of stagnating energy plus negativity. Someone who’s trapped in no movement at all.

I recommend banishing and then asking a spirit for protection.

Next thing would be setting a ritual to help said person.

Spirits I recommend for home/family issues: Aphrodite, Michael, Raphael, Satanachia and Ariel.

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Commenting to follow it!

Based off what I’ve read about demons (not personal experience), I would think that Haggenti could work to clear them of a stubborn habit (being messy) or to remove their doubts and fears, which might be contributing to this habit.

I would also recommend from personal experience to pray to Saint Dymphna. She’s the patron saint of mental health and loves when you give her an offering like giving up a vice for a set amount of time. She’s been instrumental in the healing of people I know, and that huge mess has a reason behind it. It may be depression, emotional trauma, etc.

I would also look into resources about hoarding, especially Facebook groups for people who struggle with it so you can get a better idea of where it comes from if that’s what you’re dealing with.