How to induce parasite in other person

I’ve checked searching tool and didn’t find the exact information I am looking for so it is my question:

How to make/place/induce a parasite in aura of other person so it gonna infest and drain them?

Doeas parasite need to be found and catched? Can it be produced? How close I need to be to the target? If I got strong link before is it enough? Anybody tried this before? What can go wrong with that?

Thank you for attention and substantial answers :smiley:



How about creating a servitor to do the job ?


I have done this before. Servitor you create and then embed it in their aura.


You make a parasite and send it to them or even create a curse where they attract them.


You can call lesser spirits to you and ask them to go after a specific person, if you have a relationship of sorts with them.

You could remove any protection they have and call out to spirits in the area or make a sort of energy beacon on that spot.

You could petition another spirit to send some on your behalf.


My personal way of doing it is a direct energy curse that slowly turns the person into a parasite, of course it sucks for those around them but more or so for themselves in the long run.


So parasites can be induce through other beings? Who are the most generous hosts of parasites? I am currently working on weakening auric field and protection of my target. Unfortunately it is long distance action and I have nothing more than just my own links with the target at the moment.

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How different is creating such curse from putting a Master Curse as is written in “Magical Attack” by Winterfield G. (maybe noob questions but usually I use just a retribution spell but this time issue is more nuanced and I want something less spectacular but long termed)

I couldn’t say who the best was, as I don’t know. I do know that you could petition Legion or Abaddon to send some parasitic things from the Abyss, such as shadow people. I would try Abaddon first, if you aren’t used to dealing with shadow people or shadow work.

If you want to try Legion, his sigil is on the cover of the book Shadownomicon, but you don’t need that level of detail.


How do you remove the protection of someone? The only spell I found was in Angels of Wrath.

Just imagine opening a hole in their aura, and it entering through there.

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Most people’s protections are so flimsy that they don’t matter.

However, it also depends on your skillset. If you’re advanced enough to travel to that person, in ritual, then it usually means sweeping away or sweeping aside these defenses. If entities are involved, negotiations must be made if you wish to avoid fighting. AND after all this, you have to have enough energy to attack the target.

There are several other strategies that can be done over time. Bind the other person’s abilities, bind their defensive abilities, or, attack them when they’re outside of their defensive areas. Lots of people ward their homes. A lot fewer ward things outside of that, such as their work or vehicles. It really doesn’t matter how hard their defenses are, if they have to leave those defenses. And most of us do.


Thank you. This is very precious info. I d like to learn more on that. Where can I find resources about it?

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Volac can help and insert in targets aura a draining black serpent

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Binding spells of different kinds. Servitors to harass them at (or out of) specific locations, petitioning different types of entities that are interested in your cause…