How to Improve Penny Divination?

As I haven’t yet developed clairaudience or clairsentience, and my clairvoyance is quite weak, I’m experimenting with using divination during evocation to obtain answers to questions from the spirit being evoked. Today, I attempted this for the first time. I evoked Belial, although I wasn’t able to use a sigil, so I relied on visualization and EA Koetting’s Incantation to Summon Forth.

The divination method I used was penny divination, but because we don’t use pennies in Canada anymore, I used quarters. I salted them beforehand to cleanse them of previous influences, and I used 6 coins, as the probability of a strong response (6-0) is 1 in 32, and the probability of a moderate response (5-1) is about 1 in 5.

My first attempts chanting EA’s incantation were unsuccessful, so I changed that incantation one to open a session and then proceeded to say Belial’s enn, Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehl Belial. Most runs were unsuccessful, but two runs worked.

In the first, I asked about my divorce, which as some of you know, I’m going through right now. I chanted:

Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehl Belial
Can you help me with my legal and financial troubles with my divorce?

The response was a strong yes with 6 heads.

The other run that worked was when I asked about my gender out of curiosity, as I am nonbinary (male pronouns though). I chanted:

Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehl Belial
Out of curiosity, do you think I have more male or female character? Heads for male, tails for female.

The response was a moderate “female” with 1 heads and 5 tails. That’s interesting to me, as I was born male.

Most of the other runs (maybe a dozen or so) produced 3-3 or 4-2, neither of which I can accept because they could easily be the result of chance. Do you guys have advice on how to get more consistently successful runs? The problem is that throwing the coins breaks my trance state.

Any advice is appreciated!


Success takes practice, as with anything. You dont usually pick up a skill and run with it, yet alone divination, unless you have a lot of natural talent. The more you use those coins for the SOLE purpose of divination, the more consistent they will become. You are charging your magickal tools! Eventually they will begin to feel different when in your hand, their nature changed by the purpose assigned to them. They will become more useful the more they are used :stuck_out_tongue:

If you find coins distracting, since you havent developed more psychic facilities yet, you could try a pendulum. If you dont have a pendulum, you can make one easily by tying an object to a rope/string. Or you could use your body as the pendulum -as energy more naturally flows through it-.

Using your body is easily done, by standing up straight. Breathe in energy, out energy, get a feel for the room. Fall into a trance. Then ask your question. Feel yourself being guided by the energies around you. If you feel yourself going forward, then mark that as a positive result. If you feel yourself being pushed backwards, mark that as a negative. Yes/no. This works, because as with any divination device, you are just channeling the subtle energy/forces to get insight into the questions that you ask. This can be really interesting if you are working with spirits, like you are, and may help you exercise and develop your other abilities. As they are not only helping influence you to go back or forth, but you are directly channeling their energy using your body instead of cards, coins, or other devices (such as black mirrors).

This, however, may take a few tries, and you may feel ‘silly’ doing it, but its always an interesting experience. Practice makes perfect.


i used four dimes but i noticed i got a lot of even 2-2, and only 4-0 when it was a no lol, so do you recommend 6 coins?

Yes. Think of it in terms of probability. The possible combinations are 2 options (heads or tails) x 4 runs = 2x2x2x2 = 16. If you set an acceptable result as 4-0 (yes) or 0-4 (no) and reject all other results (3-1, 1-3, & 2-2), then there is a 2/16, or 1 in 8, chance that you’ll get an acceptable result by pure chance rather than interaction with spirits. That means that if you do, say, 10 runs in a given divination session, chances are you’ll get an acceptable result at least 1 time, even if your evocation does not work.

Compare that to using 6 coins. The possible combinations are 2 options (heads or tails) x 6 runs = 2x2x2x2x2x2 = 64. If you set an acceptable result as 6-0 (yes) or 0-6 (no) and reject all other combinations (5-1, 1-5, 4-2, 2-4, & 3-3), then there is a 2/64, or 1 in 32, chance that you’ll get an acceptable result by pure chance rather than interaction with spirits. That means that if you do 10 runs in a given divination session, there’s only about a 1 in 3 chance that you’ll get at least 1 acceptable result even if the evocation does not work. In science, we consider anything beyond 1 in 20 to be statistically significant, so 1 in 32 passes that test.

And with 6 coins, if you want to be a little less stringent, it’s not that bad. If you set an acceptable result as either 6-0 (strong yes), 0-6 (strong no), 5-1 (weak yes), or 1-5 (weak no), then there is a 14/64, or about 1 in 5, chance that you’ll get an acceptable result by pure chance rather than interaction with spirits. That means that if you do 10 runs in a given divination session, chances are that you’ll get at least 2 acceptable results even if the evocation does not work. That’s really not very good, but it’s not much worse than a strong result with 4 coins, so better than nothing. But the lesson here is, weak results with 6 coins (5-1 or 1-5) should be taken with caution, and strong results (6-0 or 0-6) have much better certainty.

I wouldn’t use more than 6 coins, as I imagine it would be difficult for a spirit to maintain entanglement with many more coins, and so even if your evocation works, the connection may ‘slip’ and cause failed results. So that’s my logic on settling on 6 coins. :slight_smile:

Edit: Out of curiosity, which currency were you using? Different coins have different weight biases, which is what I thought of when I heard that you only got 4-0 when the answer was no.

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their canadian dimes

I suppose that’s true - out of curiosity, does it generally take many sessions before consistency comes? I have put these quarters in a safe place and will not use them for anything aside from divination.

Then that’s very interesting indeed, as I believe those are equally weighted. Not sure why it would be biased to ‘no’ answers. Was it standard divination you were doing, or were you evoking a spirit during this?

standard. i got a lot of 3-1 yes but i think i’ve only got one full 4-0 no

“Many” there is no answer I can derive. Its like the difference between a brand new Tarot deck and the energies surrounding and older, used Tarot deck. Maybe you can keep track of this change, shift in purpose, yourself? (In other words, I dont know an exact number xD)

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I practice a similar form but I use the Ifa-Obi system to derive answer. Instead of cowrie shells or coconut I use pennies and believe it or not 3 years now all of my divs with that came up true. Of course I first made a plea and asked the African spirits to allow me such use and I gt their favor and permission, so you might want to give that a try as well :wink:

Paint the penny different colors or rather solid color and use pennies with leap year for luck