How to help my partner: long post

My partner is wonderful. Smart, kind, funny, and very attractive to me.
we’ve been together for 1 1/2 years. I’m his first relationship in over 10 years, he’s the first person I’ve been truly interested in and pursued myself in almost 15 years…
he has had many hardships, and his only serious relationship was when he was essentially a kid (from age 16 to 21), and I feel he’s still stuck in the past. when we disagree, he says things that make me believe he thinks I’M just like his ex… the relationship from age 16 to 21… I’m nothing like her, I’m not even comparable (when I was 21, my kid was already 4 years old… she was a typical young person without children and much responsibility)… he is also stuck being a victim, although he doesn’t see himself that way. he put himself through school twice, once for his degree (no work in field) and once to try to get into trades… neither worked out. He is very bitter, and grows more bitter by the week.
my son (age 17 almost 18) lives with us, and I am not pushing him to leave at all. my son is a typical teen, gets lazy about chores and needs a poke… acts like his friends, and has a general sense of teenaged entitlement… i raised him well (I think lol), he grew up poor, and we treasured the little things. I have sole custody and don’t collect child support (never, by choice… safer and saner this way). no matter how you raise a kid, they will probably eventually go through some phase of crappiness, that time is now.
my partner dislikes my son, he doesn’t even talk to him even though we live together. the only fights we have are about my son. my partner tells me he was the opposite of my son, played football, worked full time and contributed to his family household, saved money, and was basically perfect… without prompting or training… just born to work and driven to succeed (I have a hard time believing it entirely, his perspective is his own though).
my partner does not have sex with me very often (sometimes 2 months go by with nothing)… he’ll cuddle, he’ll do anything else… and won’t have sex with me.
he says he can’t when he’s stressed out unhappy, and he’s been unhappy all the time pretty much since we moved in together. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love this person in a romantic context.
I would like to try a spell, or solicit help from a spirit /demon to help my partner. he has not even said “I love you”… he tells me he’s deeply fond cbd attached to me… although he says he might be incapable of romantic love as I would like to be loved.
he would benefit from letting go of bitterness, being grateful for “the little things” (he’s not grateful at all… at. all. for. anything.), letting go of the past, being not open to communicating with my son and seeing the good in him, seeing and accepting thy love and all the good things I offer freely and without stipulation to him, and I don’t know…
how do I help him? he is not religious, nor does he subscribe to any belief in anything really… he knows i “do those cards” and “have a lot of magic rocks” (:joy::heart_eyes::wink:), though not much else… he thinks I’m nuts already (in endearment, of course)…
any advice is appreciated, which spirit /demon to ask, which spells might help… as much instruction, info, and links as you can, please.
I don’t have many people in my life to talk to, vent to, or ask for help… this is my safe place :heart:

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anyone? anything?

Could you kind of condense it down a bit to the top 3 things he needs?

I know that sounds dumb but sometimes there’s a worry about causing offence by trying to untangle things like this.

honestly, I’m lost in it…
being grateful, letting go of the past, and accepting good things would probably be the top things

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Does he read books? :thinking:

If he does, there are a few that could help.

He used to, not so much these days… what do you suggest?

There are PDFs but I’m not sure which ones are out of copyright, a PDF tends to just end up saved and not read.

Names like that are a bit triggering in these post-post-everything days, so you may have to trick him into reading it, for example saying you think it seems lame but some smartass on a forum asked you to debate in its favour and can he help you do that, or something. :grinning:

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Hi sum sent you a PM this post really spoke to me. I hope your relationship gets better :grin:

This is a communication problem. Gots to talk heart to heart. Share your needs and let him share his needs. Honesty. If one holds back, it won’t work. He might not know how to love. It’s a skill.
As for the kid, i probably feel the same way and it’s due to technology and lazy kids in his age. He’s not helping out. He’s just leaching off. He’s about the age to go to college. He’s got to learn and help out. Responsibility. Money don’t grow on trees. Basically your friend wants your son to take life seriously and help support each other. Your already kinda a family since you live together.

Life is tough for your partner as he’s gone through bad luck. I’m the same. Odds or just bad luck with my career choice. The choice isn’t bad as it’s natural healthcare , however, the timing is bad due to society age isn’t supportive of it. It’s tough to do everything by yourself with no help and your coming from a poor family.

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Very good post!

I wonder if you could get him into the New Avatar Power Rituals? A lot of stuff there to turn his life around and it’s simple magic that anyone would feel comfortable doing.