How to hear Spirits

Most novices immediately seek out spirit intervention in magic, whether or not they can actually hear them. That is a grave mistake in my opinion, as communication is essential. What most don’t seem to know, is how to actually develop the ability to hear spirits. It’s a lot easier than you might think and doesn’t require any complex exercises, chakra meditations, visualizations etc.
I highly recommend that you focus on achieving this ability with one’s ancestors. They are your closest spiritual allies after all. I already wrote a thread for calling your ancestors here:

Now, to the actual technique. After calling the spirit, you will sit down before their altar or place of manifestation. You will listen. If you feel like you need to prompt them, write down some questions before hand and ask them during the session. After asking a question, just sit there and allow your mind to wander. If you hear voices, get images, feelings, etc. write them down as the answer. When a spirit speaks, it can be in words, images, random thoughts etc. that all come together in one’s head to form a coherent conversation. Once you’ve written down all your impressions for one question, move on to another. At the end of the session, use a yes/no divination device to determine how close you got. Repeat this at least once a week, until you are able to listen and understand them without the need to divine afterwards. Don’t expect results within one to two sessions. Depending on how spiritually sensitive you are, it can take a while to get down. But you must be patient. Magic requires patience. If you can’t wait to develop the ability to hear spirits, you shouldn’t be working spirits in the first place. So, that’s my little tutorial. Hope this helps all you novices!


Great post!

I, occasionally, “hear” the spirits or entities just like the examples above. But there is so much more in communication than the ability to hear them, audibly.

You can communicate through emotions, and by interact physically with their energies. A bodylanguage through emotional patterns is just as viable as words, and it can also deepen the connection with the spirits or entities. I would say that communication, in whatever form is suitable at the time, is important to progress further.


That’s what will happen if you follow my tutorial. Images, scents, words, feelings etc. Flood the mind which translates that into a coherent sentence within the head.
It often times happen that a spirit will give me a feeling that conveys entire sentences, which my brain processes into a full sentence for complete analysis.

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Oops i wrote a similar thread with my experience.Geez if i would have only have read recent posts i would have known this.

I’m just posting to bump this, along with RavensAscent’s excellent post here as well! :slight_smile:


How can we tell the difference between our own internal voice and that of an entity? For example, if I’m asking an entity if a certain girl likes me, my internal voice will say yes. But maybe that is not the spirit’s answer…


How on Earth could you possibly know the spirit won’t say yes?

If you don’t know,then you can’t assume that kind of thing.If you do know,why ask the spirit in the first place?

To say it’s your internal voice is to breed doubt in magick,which is a poison to successful ritual.

So write out a LOT of questions,and ask the spirit to answer all of them.Learn to ‘‘drop mind’’ which is to say,clear your head,and not think on anything,but just ask the questions outloud and receive the answers.

Read back on the stuff you asked.Did you know any of those things?Is it speaking in Middle English or some other archaic form of the language?Is it speaking a different language altogether?Is the syntax something you wouldn’t use?

You also gotta keep in mind,that these entites don’t really experience time.So if you get distracted,the voice of the spirit will pause,and then resume whenever you want it to.

And still remember that you can influence it all.So if the spirit says:‘‘No,she doesn’t like you,at least not yet.’’

And you start wishing the spirit would say she did,and the spirit says:‘‘Welll,technically…’’ then just STOP.

But those manipulations are fairly obvious and get fewer in number the more you channel or talk to them.And the more you learn to drop mind,of course.


There is no one true all purpose answer for this as we all receive spirit communication differently based on our magickal abilities and current skill levels but fwiw, for me, I can just sense it.

If I want an answer to lean in a certain direction like using your example, let’s say that was me for a second. If I was asking a spirit does this guy like me? If I have a crush on that guy, of course I am going to be hoping the spirit says yes he does like you. And like you mentioned, you fear that you will automatically hear a “yes” answer because that’s what you WANT to hear, but not what REALLY IS.

If this were to happen to me and I heard “yes” in my mind, if that yes answer is a result of my desires, of wanting the guy to like me so badly, I can tell that the answer came from me, that it was my own thought I was hearing and not the spirits. I would feel a sudden doubt overwhelm me after hearing that iffy “yes” answer, and would experience a sudden emotion that says wait, that answer just doesn’t feel right.

You know when your instincts tell you to avoid something just because something doesn’t feel right about it? Like on a movie, someone could be sitting at a stop sign getting ready to turn left and something inside of them says no, turn right don’t ask questions just do it, DO NOT turn left. The person listens, take the right hand turn and 2 seconds later a truck comes barreling thru the intersection flipping over and destroying everything in sight, and if they would have turned left like they originally planned they could have been hit by that truck and killed.

Okay the feeling you get when something like that happens, that’s the way I feel if the answer I hear is not the correct answer and is only the answer I was hoping for. That gut instinct feeling when something isn’t right. Some people experience this by getting butterflies in their stomach, nausea and light-headedness, nervous trembles, feeling like your stomach just dislocated itself and crawled up into your throat like when you ride a roller coaster, and for some, possibly even a knotted feeling in your intestines. I used to know someone that always got a case of what he called the nervous farts when his intuition was speaking to him. I feel that way when I am incorrectly perceiving an answer so I immediately know it was my own thoughts I was hearing (not the farts thing, LOL, my stomach tenses up and I get butterflies)

That does not happen very often these days as I have learned to slow down and wait for the answer. When I was newer to spirit communication I had a false pre-conception that the answer would come immediately so if a minute or two passed and I did not hear anything in my mind, I would accidentally fill in the blanks with a possible or hoped for answer because it made me nervous that I had not yet heard an answer. But when I learned to slow down the answer will come when I am ready to receive it, I stopped placing those wrong desired answers into my mind and from that point on, that never happened again and only happens now if I try to rush an answer to come too quickly.


Just bumping this because there are some great ideas shared in it, and we’ve had a lot of new people join since it was posted who might benefit. :slight_smile:

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Well I guess the only real question anyone new to this might ask is how do you drop mind and silence the “monkey mind” who tells you what you want to hear.

Well the answer to this question is easy. Give the monkey mind the task of focusing on your breathe. While it’s doing this, the higher faculties of consciousness won’t be inhibited by it, thus establishing a clear connection to the spirit you’re working with.

Once you do this proceed with the tutorial.


The practice technique for begginers in clairaudience. The process is a simple and direct method for opening oneself to the messages from spirits. In this form of clairaudience you will be placing yourself in a receptive state. Not to be confused with listening to your own internal dialogue, and this is a mistake many beginners make and understanding considering the lack of navigational instruction in most how to guides. The realm of the mind is it’s own universe and the sooner this is understood the sooner you will be able to recognize the mind brain connection. You will be making your focus of awareness on the area right above the ears and inside the skull. This is the area of the brain that focuses on perceiving and translating auditory experience. This method can also be used for clairvoyance when the focus of awareness is in the visual area of the brain.

The method for this is fairly basic you simply do a void meditation to arrive to the state where you can be most receptive. Focus your awareness on listening inside your head right above the ears. Do not listen for sounds with your ears in fact using ear plugs to lessen distraction is highly recommended for this initial training.

As you passively allow the random messages to come into your auditory centers you will quickly recognize the spontaneous internal verbalization of the spirits right above the ears. You are opening yourself to hear anything and everything happening in your vicinity. You may hear messages of random phrases and crazy things that make no sense and that’s normal because you are possibly hearing bits and pieces of conversation not meant for you.


Not all of them are spirits. Some of them are human beings sending telepathy/synthetic telepathy on the frequencies.

Oh yeah, that’s a really good point and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it but you are totally right.

Just remember, that does not mean the spirit does not exist. What you should do rather is when you see a spirit, look for the human being thst is hiding behind it using it as a Mask. But also learn to distinguish if said person is “wearing” it as a mask or if that is in fact his soulspirit. Because what makes shamans or what people call as non-humans is in fact a person with a Partial Human soulspirit (by societies standards), and a partial non-human spirit.

Exscuse me, in my humble opinions demons, angels etc are spirits completly different from a human being’s spirit.

He’s talking about masks…It’s kind of a different thing but it’s not. It’s just a different perspective and you generally see this in the Atheistic side of Luciferianism. So in short they can be just aspects of the self who are either discovered or created by the magician for a purpose.

On the flip side, these masks can be seen as actual tutelary spirits who are helping the magician achieve his/her desires. I know this stuff can get confusing but it’s all pretty much the same thing from different perspectives.

Its only an opinion until you actually go there and experience it for yourself.

He’s talking about masks…It’s kind of a different thing but it’s not. It’s just a different perspective and you generally see this in the Atheistic side of Luciferianism. So in short they can be just aspects of the self who are either discovered or created by the magician for a purpose.

On the flip side, these masks can be seen as actual tutelary spirits who are helping the magician achieve his/her desires. I know this stuff can get confusing but it’s all pretty much the same thing from different perspectives.[/quote]

I understand what you mean, it’s like using The Intent to move the Point of Union/Consciousness in Carlos Castaneda books?

if Spirits want to be heared or seen, you will hear and see them.
If you cannot hear or see them, it means they do not want you see or hear them, for whatever reason.

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