How to get to Valhalla (no dying needed)

this is NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! only serious warriors need try.

for this you will need to know how to enter the realms of the kaballah, so i’ll tell you. focus wholly on the planetary symbol of the particular realm you wish to enter in your mind. ever larger you must grow the symbol in your mental vision, want to be there, the place where that energy resides. vibrate the planetary name (speak it slowly in a low deep monotone chant…but just once is enough).

the planetary realm you want to enter is Neptune (the symbol of the zodiac s also applicable for this realm)

the realm of Neptune is a very celestial place full of wisdom and power at every turn…but ignore all that shit, you’ve got somewhere else to be.

focus your astral body and astral senses, find the great water. this sounds easy, but there is one thing about the great water that separates the realms of men from this realm of the gods… it changes depending on the person, so i cant tell you what it looks like.

even for me it’s manifested itself multiple ways, one time it was a vast ocean and i was submurged completely, another time it was a raging blizzard, and yet another time it was a frozen river that cracked and broke under each of my steps.

when you meet the guardian Heimdal (YOU WILL KNOW ITS HIM EVEN WITHOUT ASKING) you will have crossed it. press on forward through the forest and you will come across a old timey Norse village. go into the main hall. BOOM, you made it to Valhalla.

just like the tardis from dr who the great hall is bigger on the inside. you’re likely to meet Odin himself or any number of the Norse gods who swing by Odin’s house.

personally i like to go here instead of evoking Odin, he’s a busy guy, and im pretty sure he like visitors popping in from time to time.

word of caution:this place is crawling with Valkyries and ancient gods…as well as the souls of warriors from all ages…so dont try anything stupid, you will get wrecked.


Good guide, thank you!