How to get someone away from you

hello how are you, how long! I would like to ask you for a little help. I would like a person to get out of the middle of my life and continue on their way away from me. I don’t want anything bad to happen to him, it’s a toxic friendship that I’ve already distanced myself from, but I don’t want to cause a drama because we share a group of friends. I have thought about rituals of freezing, or cutting ties, but in reality, if he went to live in another city, it would help me. any ideas? Thanks a lot!

P.d normally I work with lucifer, Hecate and Santa muerte.


Maybe do a layered spell. One part “hotfoot” the other part an attraction spell where his dream job requires him to relocate to his dream city?


This is simple! Do a banishing ritual and use the phrase “…in ways that harm none.” It’s a simple way to make sure no one is accidentally hurt by your witchcraft.

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Is magick required for literally every little thing? I’m confused, but maybe i have years left of learning before i could possibly grasp the idea of making someone leave your city just because you’d prefer they lived somewhere else.

Thank you all for your contributions, I have found them very useful! :black_heart:
Well, as for using it in small things, because each one has a range that is small for him and how is the personal situation of each one, but thanks for commenting anyway.

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I usually include that in my petitions, in fact I usually be as specific as possible, but it’s worth remembering, thank you very much!:black_heart:

Friendly reminder moralizing is against the rules.