How to get rid of unknown Tulpas

I have recently watched this video and it got me thinking of tulpas I may have made that are interfering with my life unbeknownst to me, I am aware of this happening as I have had one in the past I did not know about and it was the reason I had so much hate and anger in my life my mentor mentioned it to me after it left as i stopped feeding it.

My question is there a way to detect/diagnosis these spirits and put an end to them?

One in particular that I just realized someone in my family has and actually has made it so electronics don’t last too long (trust me it’s a big list of more then just confidences)

Tulpas need attention to thrive, tulpas are no different from thoughtforms, they are pretty much a form of thoughtform. You learn to scan, from a unbias point of view, thoughtforms feel hollow and don’t have an energy system compared to ‘real’ entities, even if you “imagine” a thoughtform with one it won’t reflect an actual energy system. Thoughtforms don’t have an energy signature either, the reason I say go from an unbias point of view is because I personally believe everyone has a 99% chance of having had a thoughtform in their life on here that they refuse to accept is one, so their scanning would be bias.


Send them into the Sphere which is a reality or environment for them. Egregores, Thoughtforms, Mentally Created Beings - The Sphere Calls You! Home Is Here ⚪

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