How to get rid of an incubus or succubus you never wanted?

I think I pick up this spirit up in the hospital it just showed its ugly face. How do you get rid of something you dont want .

Yes I tried banishment.
If you have anymore info let me know .

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Try searching this forum for the term banishing and pick the method that makes the most sense to you, based on your beliefs, experience, etc.

This method is effective for most things:

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For any looking at this the video does work .

ITS about who has the bigger stick .

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Are you sure it’s a succubus or an incubus? It seems too common that these kind of spirits is to be blamed for most attacks going on. It just doesn’t makes sense to assume that it is an actual succubus/incubus, because it’s attacking you, does it?

No, it’s not. It’s about what you DO with the stick handed to you. The bigger stick brakes easily, too.

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I believe so . Feel it meets all of the succubus or an incubus trade marks .
Its more than one ,but it the group leader .
Also whatever it can mimic human emotions I had a crush on someone thinking that person like be back turn out it was this thing. It show it self . I have been fighting it.
I have been sexual assaulted by it when awake and sleep dreaming.
Whats you take?

I need your help !

Did you try Lady Eva’s advice?

Yes I did it
It work but keeps coming back its in my aura . I need it to be gone from my place.and me .

Banishing isn’t my strongest area, since I never had a need for it.

…but there’s always other ways. Since most succubus and incubus entities lives within a hierarchical system, they often submit to their Queen and leaves when told.

But there’s also independant spirits, “free roamers”, that do no one’s bidding. Probably young spirits, at least as succubus/incubus is concerned, being rebellious. The more powerful these “free roamers” becomes, the harder it is to banish them. Generally speaking, of course.

I suggest to summon Lilith and ask her to help you. That’s what I would do.

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thank you

How do you find out the name or sigil of the incubus or succubus.

I’ve got the name through automatic writing, letting my spirits control my hand.

I need some help. So my ex was being stupid and summoned a succubus from a dark craft book. He wants help to get rid of it. I was wounder if anyone had any advise to help. Im a light magic wiccan and have never done magic like this. I only can make pretty good protective circles. Anything else I can do?

ask lilith to remove the entity