How to get rid of a jinn?

I have my experience with my jinn… hes a male tho, yes hes overly possessive of me and protective, but he still allows me to be with a human Male cause he wants me to be happy :slight_smile: :heart: so i dont have any issues with him atm

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I second this I have yet to see a spirit to disobey Hecate

I second this. I’ve used the scattering method many times and it’s never failed me.

Do u work with them?? If u do, pm me

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Gladly :slight_smile:

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so he’s a child than…? djinn age very differently and any adult djinn would be far older than that…

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Um hes not a child hes around 20-23 years old in human age

An adult is from 200 and above

That doesn’t make sense at all xD and no an adult djinn is much much older than that. I don’t know how you got that information but I dont think the djinn told you that lol.

Uh okay?

@Mariam_Zidan why kick him out?

If u want to know then pm. Im not going to talk on forums about my private life anymore…

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Keep secret seal of Solomon all the time, print it out on paper

Secret seal of Salomon ?

Search google n take a printout of both sides