How to get over feeling bad about cursing someone

I’m doing a lot of work to uproot emotionally tricky things that may interfere with my Baneful magic and I feel confident about a lot but one I keep circling back to is that when I’m in a different headspace outside of anger and vengeance what steps in is a sad sinking feeling due to conditioning that no matter what it’s bad/sad to cause someone harm even if they are a bad person. I want (need) to do some very destructive things and I know for it to stick and not backlash I need to be stone cold and not blink twice and have no sneaking late blooming remorse. How do I get this out of me? I have successfully managed to get very clear and satisfied in my justifications so there is no question that they deserve what I’m doing and I won’t waver on that.

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Do you WANT or do you NEED to do destructive things?

If you really really want to do them: there should be no conditioning strong enough inside of you to keep you from your goal.

If your personal moral compass is tuned in a different way and you don’t have any intention to change that (integrating this change fundamentally into your mindset and your future) I would entrust a baneful entity with this matter.

I have stumbled over my own feet with my own energy because I felt some kind of nostalgic BS over certain targets, feeling empathy for their reasoning, etc. I did care, certain spirits did not :slight_smile: Of course it is some kind of short term crutch that helps you to overcome this block but I would recommend to work on this:

This will take a longer period of time (is it because of a certain upbringing that taught to to “turn the other cheek” or is it because of a lack of trust into your own decisions, where does it come from, etc. All this shit needs to be resolved because it could have formed a pattern that might have a grip on other aspects of your life) and I don’t know if you have that amount of time at your disposal in your current situation.


According to one of the writings by the Ur Group, an offender is the first one to break a certain balance; cursing would restore it. In any case E. A. Koetting says he wept at the end of any successful baneful working; it’s almost a little funeral (at least, in referral to the more extreme curses) sealing that spell or ritual, theoretically this should consume what would lead to further emotions and thoughts: remorse etc.


an offender is the first one to break a certain balance. Cursing would restore it

I love this advice. it’s a great perspective


I both want and need to. The want is vengeance and restoring dignity, the need comes from the potential of them to derail things in my life that I need to work out for me . And I can relate to “nostalgic bs” over targets. I think it’s the part that humanizes them enough for me to feel something at the thought of being the cause of destruction.


Well said


What did you mean by “a baneful entity”? Would you mind listing a few examples of baneful entities or maybe explaining why you refer to them as such?

For example spirits like Andras (who is described as being exceptionally good at “slaying it”) or Deities like Menhit (the name literally says “who massacres”). Every grimoire or modern publication that deals extensively with spirits is listing at least one of them. “Angels of Wrath” is full with examples of how to use angelic forces for rather destructive revengeful aspects of magick against someone or something.

As far as the baneful aspect goes I am personally referring mostly to physical damage, although serious mental damage and dismantling someones life foundations (like a business or interpersonal bonds) will appear as forms of baneful magick as well.

Because they are better or more routined at causing serious damage to a target than - for example- a spirit with a completely different background. I won’t say that a spirit who oversees other aspects (like finances, love, learning, etc) wouldn’t be able to do baneful workings. But there are spirits around who make a regular use of “carnage” as part of their professional brand. I am referring to those.

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This was very helpful at interesting me in learning from the baneful spirits you made mention of here. Thanks a bunch.

Also edit, I may end up reading or working with this book, “Angels of Wrath” for baneful pathworking.

I’ve never been much of a fan of baneful magick, because it’s so exhaustive. Anytime I’ve had to kill someone, metaphorically speaking of course, it’s been an extensive and elaborate ritual of self-invention. If I destroy something I like to see them fully dismantled and see myself free of them completely and thoroughly get rid of any unwanted emotions.