How to get more tips and private show invites as a webcam model?

due to money problems, I started to do this and I wanna get more tips and clients. which magic to use without the evocation of spirits? thanks


You can try a Spare sigil.

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you could try a really simple candle magick spell that wouldn’t involve spirits in any way . Candles are fairly easy to get hold of and affordable too - bonus! :grinning: You could make your own wealth and abundance oil to dress the candles with and carve your intentions into the wax . I’ve always performed these types of spells on a new or waxing moon phase and had success but I don’t think you HAVE to stick to certain moon phases if you don’t have time to wait.

If you decided you are ok with evoking a spirit I have had some success with :
JSGarretts Diy Wealth and Prestige rite ( on YouTube ) the spirit he contacts is - Suhn’Tal’Ock.
If you felt comfortable checking that out he goes through the rite step by step ( I was able to follow it so it’s simple enough hehe! :laughing:)
Alternatively I have seen quite a few spells and rituals just from searching on the forum (
I don’t think they al involve spirit work)
I wish you good Luck, success and abundance with your business :blue_heart:

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I can think of a few things to suggest. You could do both of them without conflict.

One would be to petition King Paimon for creativity with the areas you’re looking to build up or help branch out into side areas. I don’t work with him a lot, but he has come to me when I was helping others in this area to help with a similar task (confidentiality - it was a group working). So, petition King Paimon and if you feel he’s sympathetic towards helping you, then ask him to help guide you.

Second, you could create one or more servitors. I would make one to help gather business and another to help keep interest. Both should be paid (once established) by excess energy from your customers. Specify excess energy (sexual here, mainly) so they aren’t overtly vampiric. You will need to supply the programming and give them energy to get going, but once you’ve started collecting business, you could create a few more to help increase the return.

Hope it helps.


Try not to stress over web model. Adventure into Onlyfans and furthermore Instagram promotion. Then, at that point take it to Snapchat and charge your users money for vids and pics through PayPal and direct debit…

In the event that you’d recently starting beginning with gradual steps. Here’s one option:

The certain kind of enchantment there is to perform here is dressing oil for your pussy like the Africans do it. Investigate Some uhh spice wizardry :wink: and see what dressing oil blends you can make.


@Samael11 we have a mega thread & networking space for this here:


Hey for Webcam work you should try Paymon, Astaroth and Moloch for sexuality, charisma, influence and money

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7 Occult Money Rituals by Henry Archer

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I wonder why this thread was taken down? Would have loved the info on there😇

The OP deleted it herself. She decided it was too personal.

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