How to get mad

I have realized when I meditate I imagine golden energy coming in and black energy coming out I just noticed during meditation that is why I can’t get mad anymore. Hence why I have trouble doing curses.

But long story short how do you guys think would be a good way to get my anger back? I used to get pissed off at the slightest thing now you have to do anything short of out right killing me to make me mad.


try getting in meditative state first then think of things that people do that anger you. slowly you can build an emotional anger within that state.


Drop an anvil on your pecker.


research the ways those at the top are killing everyone :wink:
works fer me haha


stuff like natural cancer cures vs expensive (and inneffective) hospital treatment… It’s already working for me… I am quite an angry person though in recent years

step on legos


In Hindu metaphysics there are chakras below the root chakra which link to instinctive emotions - a good yogi on the RHP will seek to avoid energising these, on the other hand, a black magician… :wink:

Link: - there’s a nice diagram on that page.

Scroll down about one third of that page for this, you probably want to start energising Vitala - more linkage:


Just mentioning I figured out the problem I made some servitors awhile back who’s only goal is to stop any negative energy from effecting me

Completely forgot about them… whoops

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I seem to have enough anger for everyone…breaking off keys in door locks and shit :joy: they had to make me a new key. :smiling_imp: