How to gain tenacity

I want to gain tenacity,resolution through magic or through non magical activity

My problem started when I was high school student. I got very low mark (it was kind of mark which is I never got in secondary school). then I hated life, I hated school, and I go into depression. I overcome depression most of, but hate of working is still continue.

I want to make my dreams come true but I am suffering when I work even few hours. I want to love my job, I want to love working

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Some of the same stuff (dedication not motivation, and “what would it take?”) that I posted here just now may be helpful to you: Birthday blues - #5 by Lady_Eva

Also, watch the Atmoic Habits video in my 2nd post there, it’s about changing who you think you are, to make downstream actions based on split second decisions easier.


Thanks Eva
These rituals can be beneficial. And I think I should create new perspective, and keep it in my mind. This also a kind of magic

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