How to Fix Bad Aim?

I’ve been having amazing near-success with some curses I threw on my enemies. Why near-success, rather than a complete success?

The curses keep manifesting everywhere else but on the targets.

They manifest on random strangers who happen to have been in the same place that the targets last stood - or live in the same towns, or drive the same cars, that sort of thing. They’re strangers with no connection to me or my targets. I know that it’s my curses they’re suffering, because it plays out exactly as I desired of my targets.

In my mind it can’t be because I’ve been too vague in focusing on my desire, because being specific was my top priority when I threw these curses. Does anyone care to guess what could be causing the aim to be off?

If your targets also practice magic it could be why, a few years back when someone tried to curse me it got deflected and broke my moms arm instead.

Good idea defectron, but my targets couldn’t be more mundane and non-spiritual. There’s a chance that some of their family members are churchgoers, but that’s about the extent of the spirituality involved on their side of the enemy lines.

Could their relatives’ religiousness be a factor?

Yes, totally - they’re praying (aka botheriung spirits) to protect their loved ones.

Try asking Belial for help, he hates religion more than most, he may know some angles to get round this.

It would help if you described the exact process you use to curse your targets.

Without that we are pretty much left guessing as to what is the real cause. If you don’t want to publically reveal it you can PM people who know how to curse effectively.

Could it be that you’re fixating too much on the “links”/“imagery” you associate on the target in your visualization, thus accidentally cursing those ‘trappings’ instead? If you think that might be it, go at it again with less emphasis on their surrounding periphera and really lock in on the -people- themselves.

Okay so you are focusing intently on the targets but other people still keep getting hurt instead? When you do the spells are you making sure to state that only the target will be afflicted and that no one else will be harmed? Even if you focus on the target and have one of their belongings on you during the spell, if you don’t state your intention out loud the spell can go awry and chaos will take over. There is a reason that the wiccans state ‘to harm none’ with their spells so they can get what they want but in a way where no one has to suffer for their gain. Your situation would be similar except you do wish to target at least on person, so in this case you would need to state out loud that you only want the target in mind (then state their name) to be harmed and no one else, including yourself.

Sometimes baneful magick can go awry and afflict the spell caster instead of the target because the caster did not specifically state what they wanted, they just recited an incantation and visualized the target but did not state their desires in depth out loud. You have to be specific and detailed when casting a curse or afflicting inconveniences on someone. And then cleanse your working space afterward if you feel the need so no residual negative energy that you cooked up will attach itself to you later on. I once performed a curse and forgot to cleanse my working space afterward and ended up getting physically ill about a week later from the leftover energy. I knew the leftover energy was to blame.

Go 3D with your targeting. Include at least 3 inference points relevant to your target. Name, effigy, avatar, nickname, address, phone number, the make of their car, anything directly tied to them. That should do the trick.