How to find your archetype

Finding your God archetype is important when it comes to becoming a living God. If you are meant to become a living God in this life—there will be several clues as to who your real identity is as a God.

Example- my archetype is Night.
I was born in “moon valley” at 1:11 pm. She is a triple Goddess.
I studied the Goddess and realized we have everything in common.

My husband archetype is Zeus
He was born in Florida, land of crazy thunderstorms.
Their sports team is called "Lightning"
His dad is a drum teacher and he has been playing for a very long time–drums are thunderous devices aren’t they?

Also useful–study the stars at your time of birth, it’s very revealing.
Mine is all Earth/Air. One of the reasons it is so important also is because once you fully accept your God form, the God’s powers will be openly given to you… the day I accepted my identity I opened a door with my mind just using a single thought… I thought, “door open” and it did! Also many other neat tricks and skills have been discovered. :wink: Good Luck!

Yes. I was also born on the New Moon… complete darkness day. haha. I’m not sure the signifgance of it being during the day. Maybe I wanted to be born at that time!!! But I will figure it out and get back to you.

I just assumed that if someones archetype is Night he should have been born during the night, but perhaps this is irrelevant.

Maybe I needed to be born during the day to balance out the darkness.