How to find open minded people?

How is the best way to find local people who are practitioners(may not be the best word to use). I looked at Witchvox but they are shutting down, I really don’t care what they believe or practice tbh, just would be nice to have someone to grab a beer with and talk to. Live in Arkansas, so yeah kind of the buckle on the bible belt. Any suggestions?

Fire off a Spare-style sigil with the intention to meet some good, open, people or other practitioners.

Just write out your statement of intent, remove the repeating letters, squash the rest down into a cool looking glyph, and then get into an altered state by whatever method, and shoot it off into the multiverse to take shape.


Will do, I appreciate the advice. Thank you

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Also, try searching for your location in this and make a post yourself:

If you see someone in your area, check their profile to see when they were last on, maybe drop them a PM. :smiley:


Will do, thank you!