How to find a tattoo artist

I’m considering getting tattoos of all related sigils of Samael and Lilith. Two thoughts keep popping in my mind:1. Finding an artist that believes in Magick, more directly if possible who also follow in my case Samael and/or Lilith? 2. The mixing of one’s blood into the ink, how would one go about that? Does the blood change the original ink color? How would one go about and this ties into my first thought of finding an artist that into Magick finding someone to mix the blood and ink to get the color you want? Any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


This is business! So far you have the money, The Artist will tatoo whatver you bring forward - He/she doesn’t need to be a magician or believe in magick to tatoo the sigils of sameal and lillth.
If you like - Tell the artist you want 70 sigils of satan drawn on your entire body, Pay and the Job will be done.

You bleed a little into the Ink imprinted on your skin during the process. The mixing of ink and blood already happened. That’s why some countries do not allow people who have tattoes to donate blood



Thanks you for the confirmation. In as far as the blood mixing I had those same thoughts.

Well that was straight to the fucking point,
What he said ^^^

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Try working with Venus , for art and interpersonal relationships. Art - tattoo relationship tattoo artist

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