How to find a mentor?

This might sound ridiculous for some of you, but I need to find a spirit/god/demon etc that can mentor me (really do not care about the label can be an angel whatever). I have never perfomed an evocation so it might be hard for me. I know I will get responses like “try it yourself” and “you need to see it yourself”.

I just want you guys to give me suggestions for an mentor for a newbie that only does magick for a month or two.


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Daniel i’m new to all this too and yeah ive only been at it for a month or two as well I too started to look for a mentor but in the end one chose me and the one that chose me is Lucifer.

I think the key is to get developing your divination skills, ive been told by Lucifer that I should not try a full on evocation yet although I have been trying to work with sigils he wants me to master divination first he was most insistent that I started skrying as I had only been using spirit board(ouija) pendulum and tarot up to that point.

I can tell you that working with Lucifer is amazing he is a patient and considerate mentor I worry sometimes that I might piss him off but he is like dont worry everything will be fine take it slow and you will get where you want to be … hopefully you will have the same experience with whoever you end up with Daniel.


I have considered Lucifer for a while, how did you contact him? With a sigil?

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What do you want? To embark on a lifelong dedication to magick? Or a fast way to getting decent results regarding money, sex or whatever?

Do you want to be an Adept and work towards mastery? Or do you want mentoring towards a particular goal?

If you could clarify what your goal is, I’m sure someone can point you towards an excellent spirit … or book, or human teacher like EA, which offers a boot camp.


I want to ascend to godhood, my goal is pretty dualistic, when starting out I want fast results to solitify that magick is real. If it is I would like to master the art of magick.


there are many Magick Related beings you may seek out for.

A good starting Point, for what you stated, may be Azazel.

E.A. haves a complete Book on it, aswell as several Video’s and offers.

Azazel, rules as one of the Gate Keepers, and is a very expierienced Teacher.

He’s also able to guide you to certain specific Deitys, according to your Needs.

  • well, i’d Recommend Azazel. :wink:

Personally, i’ve gone through a guidance from Lucifer and Astarte,

Prior to being guided by Azazel in a personalized way.

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Here is one of an infinite number of options.

My personal advice is to get a tarot deck, figure out how to use the major arcana, get a handle on the tree of life, and of the qliphoth.

Two key entities and currents you could connect with are the Raphael current, that is closely associated with the Sun, or light and that of Lilith.

Raphael’s current can be accessed once you understand tifaret, the key sephirot associated to the Holy guardian angel, or your higher self. Dialogs on this level are quite transformative.

Lilith, in general terms is light in darkness. She is associated to Lucifer and if someone took a bite out of the tree of knowledge, it’s her. Connecting with her current is amazing indeed and you can combine Lilith along with Astral travel mastery. Lilith is associated to the moon, and moonlight and she helps bring clarity in dark places, just like a full moon. (Yes this is simplistic. )

Study these two entities. Learn what Lilith is to the qliphoth and how to find her. Journey to the heights of your being to within an inch of what connects you to the eternal to find Raphael.

Independently scrying into symbolism tightly associated to Raphael and of Lilith and engaging in divination is an excellent way of preparing your mind for the next steps in your fantastic journey.

Those next steps may involve deeper, more powerful evocation, transformative spells that dramatically change your personality, and further ascent

The thing is, once you become self initiated, there is no stopping you.


Is azazel good for beginners tho?

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Azazel is good for everybody.


Thank you, how can I contact him without a full out evocation? Can I contact him by a sigil or something?

I have not developed my astral senses or anything. I’m at the point of meditation.

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Daniel, first reseurch him.

In Looking into him, he may look into you.

Have Patience, most propably, he’s allready smiling at you.

Yes, Gods smile at us, when we come cloßer to them,

just like parent’s seeing their childs come home.

Relaxation, and opening yourself are key.

Once you open up, and look into Azazel,

Be Aware, that the Responses line up,
into a stream of Events,
teaching you a personal lesson.

Make notes,
of Things that seem to have mather to you.

You’ll get better understanding,
as you’ve grown into it.

For us,
time works very different,
then it does for Spirits.

Best Regards,



If your looking to develop astral senses my suggestions are Sastan, Paralda, and Mepsitahl, all three are neutral more or less so you don’t have to worry about RHP/LHP, their mission is to teach psychic abilities so as long as your willing to learn from them, they don’t care how you end up using it.


E.A. provides the basic study courses that eveybody needs unless your already know how to do those things. Go into Divination and then Evocation. From there you can start with the Black Magic course or go straight into the Soul Travel course. By the time you master the first two, the spirits can guide you on there own if that’s what you seek.


Not sure what you meant in 100%. I’ll research him, I’ll be patient and keep furthering my knowledge. I woud like to contact him in time tho.

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Would take on his courses if I had the money.

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Youtube is your friend here. Especially with the basics. Now, I see that you have a way to get online. Just belive in yourself. Trust in your abilities!


Thank you, could you link me the most useful videos? I watch EA from time to time and I love his videos.

Azazel was my first mentor. He’s great! Lucifer or Paimon are two other mentors I could think that would help you.


I decided to contact Lucifer, look at my “Lucifer and my Zodiac” thread and then my “Strange sensation” thread.

Read through the whole of my “Lucifer and my Zodiac” thread to know what has happened.

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Lucifer is very good yes. Trying another aspect might be worth the time as “demonic” aspects can be rather abrasive teachers. Ahriman and the Divs work well for everyone because they represent latent powers within seeking to get out directly through you. However Thoth is one aspect of Lucifer often overlooked. The emerald tablets are indicative of Lucifers emerald crown which fell to earth during his being cast out from heaven. I am actually working on an oracle system which according to Thoth is the Emerald tablet currently withheld from man.

Want to know about a transformational process?
Play this link in one window…

Then open up another window and listen to this while reading the script on screen. Try to finish the entire Emerald Tablet each time. Consider it a devotional act toward your evolution.
Emerald Tablets of Thoth with Scrolling Text and No Comments by Gerald Clark - YouTube

Commit yourself to doing this as often as possible for a year. You will be transformed and the Ancient Gods will be very much by your side to guide and teach you. :wink:

Best regards.