How to evoke spirits to physical appearance

In E.A.'s seminar on physical summoning he talks about using a “working method” . Can you advise me on some ‘working methods’? Etc

There are supposed to be many working methods. I have just recently located a book by EA
Titled Evoking Eternity.
Yup now this has what I consider, the Meat and Potatoes stuff for practical and effective working.
If I never find any other useful information references on this site, this one book is proving its self as worthy of my time.


Ooh, I love the ‘meat and potato stuff’… Can I order this from an esoteric bookshop or does one need to by it directly from E.A?

Although EA questioned a bit the validity of grimoires, perhaps they may provide a good basis to a working system by integrating the principles of evocation he gives.
Other working systems are in “BALG books” and very likely in Summoning spirits by Kostantinos, texts by Italian authors Rendhell and D’Angelo etc.

It really depends on your preference. If you want Golden Dawn style evocation, with a lot of God names, and Hebrew, then Summoning Spirits is a great book with fantastic development exercises. The Golden Dawn is a working system used by millions of magicians world wide, and is the most common system found in most occult books.

Evoking Eternity or Works of Darkness or Kingdoms of Flame all detail a working system, stripped of the fluff and pomp of the Golden Dawn. @Eve1 each can be purchased in ebook form from for $27 US.

Essentially, a “working system” is a system that has brought results to those that have used it.

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