How to Evoke Orias

I wanto to evoke Orias,for manipulating someone.I will use his sigil but other than that,i could not find his ‘‘enn’’ or candle color…offerings…etc. And how to ask him for help too…Hope someone can guide me…Thanks

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White candle

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Here you go.

Oh yeah, and this.

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Google Remote Influencing and buy the book on it and you will be able to do it easily without calling entities.


Which book do you mean? I haven’t found any.

Orias is the entity I feel closest to and have felt his presence more than any spirit since I made first contact. He often wraps me in his presence ( which to me is very euphoric and relaxing, like an opioid high ) when I haven’t even called him. Here is the pertinent info on him

Orias - Demon Marquise ( night ).
Direction - East
Color-Purple ( tho white is pretty universal for candles )
Plant - Sealwort
Incense - Jasmine
Zodiac- Scorpio
Enn-Lirach mena Orias anay na

When making an offering, I normally offer a glass of wine ( I make it at home and it’s good ) and something like imported Belgian dark chocolate. He seems easy going and nice, I love that spirit. When petitioning him ( or any spirit ) be honest and sincere. Be respectful, but don’t grovel. Speak with confidence and authority, but not arrogance. I normally call him with sigil gazing and enn repetition.