How to... evoke fairies

Hello how can I evocate fairies and make them visible ?

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@bump anyone know?

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There was an old post around 2013 on Ghob, seemed an easy contact method.


…if I come off as rude it’s because I just woke up. You evoke them like any other spirit. It’s not that difficult or different. People keep overcomplicating things. This is one of them.


leave offerings in your garden off sweet things such as milk, cream, muffins, doughnuts ect. if you want them to turn up. also i hear a small amount of oil with rose juice rubbed on the third eyes and eye lids can make you see them too.


To advance that suggestion just a little bit:

Oil of Seeing invisible creatures:

Oil of high quality (olive, or Nut oil), Rose Pedals, Cinnamon, Vanille, Nutmag.
Add one Table Spoon of Vodka, for every 2-300 millilitres (coffee cup) of oil.
Add Lemons crest, and ideally some spider webs or dead insects.
you mix it cold, stirr it until the taste givers has spread evenly.

Then, for at least 3 up to 21 days have it charging either on the window side, where it’s heated from Sunlight, or on your radiator.

The Heat should be steady for a long time,
so that the ingreadients can dissipate into the Oil.

Leaving a Belphegor Sigil underneath it during the charging proces helps making it stronger

Once the Oil has charged for that period of time,
You sieve it through a towl,
without added pressure,
to get the oil back into a clear state.

Once it’s clear you can add snail slime -about 1 teaspoon per Litre is fine, it just has to be thick slime, since you want to bind the complete oil into a mayonaise with it.

Stirr the Oil slowly into the Snail Slime, not the other way around.
It’ll form a cream.

Keep the cream cold and dark,
to preserve it.

Instead of Snail Slime you can also use Frogs Slime,
but the Frog one is sometimes more toxic and enzymatic,
which means more variation in Product Quality.

The Stronger versions of this oil of sight tend to prefer the Frog Slime however.

And no, none of that is ment as a joke.

The Slime is used by those Animals as a percieving Organ,
and we’re utilizing it to adopt some of their Perception Abilities for ourselves.

I know another version of this recipe which utilized eye-liquid,
but that’d belong into Necromancy Section.