How to envoke Azazel

I have stared into his sigil before and got massive energy boost Wich made me emotionally unstable and cry to sleep :sweat_smile:

Recently he contacted my aunt when she opened her mirror for help je came through woke up to seeing him with Galaxy eyes and she asked if he will help me in my love life he said yes I did some work Azazel whent to puddins house and he has a photo with Azazel before he went there I ask my aunt to ask him for advice he pointed my 3rd eye and mouth now to the present I have an alter for him 4 candles a mirror his sigil with a offering candle for him a fake skull with his sigil and an inscece holder …that’s all the info I have with him he is with me I can feel his energy and I’m happy he helps me but I want to envoke him and evoke him please someone I need guidance on how to do it or steps from someone who has very high patience I have ADHD and I do sometimes don’t understand I’ll ask over and over to make sure I’m doing it correctly or if I feel like I’m doing it wrong I’ll ask …I really want to envoke him and evoke him please let me know how I can do it

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well for me atleast counts as a success

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I really want to talk to him and have a conversation thru envoking is this possible and thank you

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yes of course

So how do I envoke him?

you literally did it

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Hiya OP! Envocation, as the combination of evocation and invocation, is the summoning inward and outward of the being- if you OBE, ask to take a tour of its landscape; every person is a place! So, by getting the spirit to help you understand itself, you are essentially becoming it for the duration of the rite as you incorporate more of its understanding of itself and it’s environment. These are the strongest types of summoning, because you are in possession of them. It’s pretty nifty! :slight_smile: