How to End a Relationship With a Succubus?/My Experience With a Succubus

Hello everyone. My apologies if this has been asked before, but I’ve been searching the forum, and I haven’t found an answer to this.

A couple of months ago, I used The Letter of Intent and asked Lilith to send me one of her daughters for a short-term relationship. I wanted to see what it was like to be with a succubus before committing to anything long term.

I do the sword banishing every night, but that night I didn’t vanish so she could reach me without any problems. I fell asleep, and she did come. She spoke to me audibly for a long while, while I was in a half-asleep state. I couldn’t understand what she was saying. But by her tone of voice, for lack of a better word, she was bitching. She clearly wasn’t happy about her task, and I get it. She was sent to me for a one-night stand basically.

Some time later, I fell asleep completely and I had a dream of having sex with her. I didn’t feel any pleasure or anything. I experienced the whole thing like a dream. For people that have succubus lovers, is it always like this? Or can you actually feel your succubus?

Anyway, I didn’t hear from her anymore after that night.

I’ve been wanting to ask Lilith for a long-term relationship with one of her daughters for a while, someone different, but I’ve been hesitant. I’ve read that it can be difficult to end things with a succubus once she’s in your life. So my question is, if I decide to end my relationship with a new succubus down the road, could I create another letter to Lilith and tell her I no longer want to be with her daughter? Would vanishing and protecting myself during the night send her the message I don’t want her in my life anymore?

I really want to do things right. Even with human relationships, no matter how ideal the person can be for you, it may not work out.


im sorry i can image she maybe relieved sinc she sound bitchy lol but try speaking to her about it to so she understands


just my opinion here:

you shouldn´t mess with a succubus like that , they´re highly emotional beings, i get that you have your worries but i don´t blame her for being mad at you like that, so at least you should make peace with her, tell her your worries once you are in the astral plane, and hear what´s her opinion on the matter, just don´t throw her into the oblivion just like that, hope that works


I didn’t hear from her anymore after that night. I would like to ask Lilith for a long-term relationship with one of her other daughters, someone different, but I’m hesitant. If things don’t work out, how do I break it up? In this case, I asked Lilith for a short-term relationship, so the succubus went away on her own. But in a long-term relationship, I’ve read that it can be difficult to end things with a succubus. Would the letter of intent work to end a relationship as well?

What was wrong with the first one?
Maybe she already was your soulmate.


You need to sit down with her and tell her exactly what it is that you are feeling. Don’t sugarcoat, don’t hold anything back, you also should write a letter of banishing, and have her endorse it. If this is not acceptable, you need to contact mother Lilith, and tell her what has happened.

A message from my Crimson beloved.

My personal thoughts are that maybe she wasn’t happy with the idea of a one night stand, maybe she saw something in you that she really resonated with.

I agree with my beloved, you should definitely sit down with her, and let her know exactly what you expected, and exactly what you were expecting now.


What’s with this short sighted perception of succubus and incubus entities? It’s not a brothel or a store with warranties and two weeks regrets.

Long term relationships needs time and devotion without rushing things. There shouldn’t be first impression decisions, either, because it takes time to know one another at a deeper level.

I’ve read a lot of people going into this just for the sake of a one time experience, which made the situation very tough. It’s becoming tough because these spirits are often into this for a long term commitment, rather than a one night stand.


My Crimson beloved and I have been together for months, and we have not seen any sign of slowing down, in fact, we have every intention of doing other things.

Even though my Crimson beloved did not come to me via mother Lilith or the goddess naamah, we have been together this entire time and we have been able to Forge a link between us that is becoming impossible to separate without severe trauma to both of us.

If you just want ass, go Cruise the boulevard, these beings are not just simply to fuck, and people are going to have to realize that at some point.


I cringed reading the original post because to echo the sentiments of others who’ve responded, neither human women nor succubi are to be used like a Kleenex and thrown away. Basically Caleb wants the experience and no relationship and from working with some of the Pomba Giras for clients, they don’t want to get used and if they feel slighted or rejected by a man–watch out. I’m not joking. They are not toys to be played with and Lilith is not the Librarian of the Library of Succubi checking out her girls for 1 night, 2 weeks, a month. Lilith is not the One to go to for sympathy concerning one of her daughters. You can’t fool Her.
My suggestion–apologize to Lillith and don’t ask her for another one of her daughters until you’ve done some maturing spiritually and really know what you want because her girls are not to be used as masturbatory devices. None of this is a game, and sexual experimentation amongst the spiritual realm can result in the unexpected and it might not be pleasant.
Excuse the rant, but my Husband added in His 2 cents too.


My sentiments are echoed from the above postings. You must think through any ritual as to exactly what you want very carefully. One night stands with a succubus aren’t going to work.

Since this was a negative experience i find hard to believe that the OP would want a longer relationship. Deep thought and meditation are required if you want a long term relationship with anyone. You are not summoning a call girl but a major Deity Lillith.


If you’re unsure of whether or not you want a long-term relationship before you even call the second one, then I would advise against this. We humans tend to see dating or relationships as a way of “trying on” a person. These spirits are of an entirely different culture.

I have an incubus, I didn’t even call him, but once he was interested in me it was impossible to convince him to leave. My reason for wanting him to leave was that I thought I was crazy and that I didn’t want love, and it was like the more I ignored, the more persistent he became. A bit different from your situation, but the point is that these spirits are prone of becoming devoted to their partner rather quickly.

You may want to look around and see if other types of spirits would be interested in trying something flexible/short-term. Even then, it would probably be wise to be very clear of your intentions and concerns.


In @succupedia’s post he goes over how you should not evoke a long term relationship unless you are prepared to help care and be in a true relationship not just sexual desires.


Eh… come on, mate. NOBODY likes to feel they’re being used. I think that’s where the whole point is.

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How do you write a letter of banishment?

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When you are having an experience with a succubi, do you feel the actual spirit or is it restricted to your unconscious mind?

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I feel the actual spirit itself, it is certainly not in my unconscious mind. Sorry for the delay in writing

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