How to Draw And Open Spirit Sigils To Attain Your Goals

As I progress further in magic and in the Baneful Arts I am taking and altering traditional currents to create some really powerful shit. But in the midst of that, my own mind and the spirits have led me to return to the basics and refine them and pass on what I learn to get me back into the role of Teaching again.

Namely, Sigil Drawing.
This process I’m gonna share with you is simple and nothing fancy, but it could possibly work for you.

Defining a Spirit Sigil

A spirit Sigil is the seal or signature of a Particular being. It allows you to call the being in evocation or weild it’s power without having to evoke it every time to do so.*

The Process: Tools Needed

• A Ink Pen

• Paper (or Small note card, 4x4)

• Sigil of Spirit

• Two Black Candles (or two White candles if working with Angels)

What to Do

√ Light The Black Candles and Meditate on Darkness. Place the Pen in-between the candles and see Darkness gathering around it.
Imagine the fire Element cleansing the Pen of all man made energy, preparing it to be a vessel of Power.

(To facilitate this, simply Imagine the pen being on fire. Nothing complicated here)

√ After Cleansing, take the Pen in your hand and hold it up over the candles. See the whole pen becoming Black with Darkness and Power. This power allows you to write, re write, and erase the rules of reality as you see fit. It also allows a firm connection to the spirit you are summoning.

√ Take the Pen and prepare to draw the spirits seal.

✓ Focus on the spirits name and repeat it over and over while you draw the seal. As you do this, the power of that being will move towards you. This is often mistaken as the presence of the spirit, but it is not.

✓ Continue until the Whole seal is drawn. After this…place your hand upon it (no it does not matter which one) and think about your goal. Let that energy flow into the Sigil until you feel the need to stop.
Place the sigil back in between the candles to let it charge. Let it remain there for 2 hrs.

It is at this point (after charging) that the mechanics of the Sigil are primed and ready for action.

Opening the Sigil

Gaze at the Seal and RELAX YOUR EYES. You will see the lines of the sigil begin to change. Don’t worry if you don’t. Not a big deal.

As the sigil begins to become active you will enter into a trance state. Keep gazng at the sigil.

There will be a moment when the Seal will stop changing and return to it’s original form. At this moment begin to evoke the spirit and give your will.
(In other words, tell the spirit what you want it to do.)

You will feel your desire sucked out of you and into the Sigil.

After this, wrap the Seal in cloth, burn it, or keep it in a hidden place so that the Spirits power and influence can spread.


Notes: Concerning the Pen, you will know this works if you suddenly lose the pen for no reason and never find it again. No joke. :joy:
The Pen is indeed mightier than the sword and in the wrong hands can be dangerous


Thank you for your guide!

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bendy n the ink machine lyrics lol i used gel pens n diffrent colors they asked me for i wanted to use black for lord marchosias sigil but no black i had really worked n then blue flashed n my mind and that worked

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another great post, feels good knowing all these experienced gentleman and ladies, do care for us newbies :slight_smile:
thank you!

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we can use white candles for the 72 Goetia’s as well right? hard, like really hard to find any color candles in this country.
can’t make my self either, because that is going to raise hella lot questions

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If that is what you have, then use what you have

You can also Imagine the correct colored candles and push energy into them. This will make them real of the astral.

Works just the same way as physical candles


great, thanks for answering it quick :slight_smile:

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What other Tutorials do y’all wanna see? :thinking: