How to do this using magick?

Hello Guys first post of mine here even that i have been member since a long time : )
Excuse my poor english im french.

Basically i want to go this Art school since alot of months and due to covid everything changed so
to enter the school i have first to make a registration then from this an admission test (They pick up a random theme and they choose only 24 of them from all of the peoples that enter into the test)

I do believe in magick i practice myself everday (Qigong,Mantras, Mental influence, manifesting events, Fascination…)
But right there on this subject iam very lost on what technique to use?

Should i use mind control technique (Psychic influence) and direct it to the judge that will look at my admission test? ( I know the teacher full name of the section i want to go so suspect that she might be a judge, her name is on the school website. )

(I also know the school director full name)

Should i invoke or evoke a specific demon to help me (Never done this so a tutorial would be nice)
Use seals of solomon ?..

(I have been using manifestation technique on and off when i didnt forgot since few weeks i think it may help)

I have less than 2 week to register (12 february) and admission test its in march.
Iam very feeling lost and also very confused about which type of magick should i use for this
i honestly would appreciate help ! :eye:

/By the way my dad is into “white magic” type stuff i asked him to get me whit his methods everyday but sometimes is help fails so whit black magick im sure that the result would be more strong!

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If you would like to ask the help of a Demon for this situation, get the book ‘Demons of Magick’ by Gordon Winterfield. Everything you need is in there.
King Paimon may be able to help you.