How to do real and natural love magick

Recently I watched a video about the nature of love and how it occurs. In the video, one important mechanic of love caught my attention. “We have in our brain a circuitry for love. It is a (sometimes vast) list of things, attributes that we consciously or unconsciously seek in people to fall in love with.”
Many of us know this but don’t quite apply it to magick. We sort of overlook it in a way, yet it is necessary.

We all see people struggling with failing love magick, if you closely observe, often times the case is either the practitioner is trying to conjure up literal obsession and burning passion from a frigid sense of acquaintanceship in that person or they are just expecting an instant feeling of ecstasy to be instilled into the mind of the target magically (ironic isn’t it). In my experience, you can not create new feelings in a person in this way, although you can amplify or hardly ever direct their feelings.

Well, constructing and layering your magick through subtle means prove to be amply effective. In this case the practitioner would start by themselves first, glamour magick for example, putting an aura of attraction on yourself, I have also heard people invoke love as an entity (like an elemental I suppose ??) and use that energy for their works and auras. Additionaly, if you feel comfortable you could ask a spirit to transform you in various ways to fit with the inner wants list of the target, maybe you would then start to feel a bit more compassionate, perhaps violent if that is what they are attracted to.

After this, the second thing to do would be rewiring your targets “love attribute” list. Easier said than done, I know it can be difficult to reach one’s subconsious mind, yet change it in such a way. But ideally you could work with demons who are good with manipulation and love, King Paimon, Asmodeus, Sitri; and if you are going with angels I really recommend Haniel. With this you can ask them to influence that persons mind and change that list to fit your characteristics. Also affecting their light bodies and reaching their subconscious minds in a state of deep trans will consequently lead them to find you romantically compatible, so you can also do it yourself.

And as a final thought, I truly think this method is more natural and less mind controlling compared to traditional love spells. Because it doesn’t create a synthetic sense of love in a person, all you do is better yourself, alter their perspective of an ideal partner by a portion and let them love you naturally.


Have a lovely day y’all.


This book is supposed to be good:
The Angels of Love: Magic Rituals to Heal Hearts, Increase Passion and Find Your Soulmate (The Gallery of Magick)