How to do Elegua ritual?

I’ve already searched several times in this forum but my question isn’t really being answered (unless I’ve missed something).

  • What colour candle should I use?
  • I have white rum, and I was thinking maybe some chocolate to go with it as an offering to Elegua. Will this suffice?
  • Is there a veve/sigil/seal/prayer/song/image that’s used to call Elegua?
  • Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Black and red candle

Doesn’t like chocolates…rum is fine…gin is better…candies will work in place of chocolate…but if you can get some palm oil…that’s one of his faves!

No Veve or sigil needed

Keep in mind that Esu/Ellegua is the messenger of God

His number is 3 and any of its multiples

May I ask what ritual you are doing? Please keep in mind that He comes from a specific system. Be very careful, as rituals with Orisha are not like rituals with the Demons etc…
You can always petition Orisha but if you haven’t received their consecrated pots…you are not working directly with them. Don’t expect to invoke/evoke them like how people are doing with the Demons.


Thank you.

Understood, I know that you can’t work with the ATR spirits in the same way as one would work with demons for example.

It was to have the orishas around me stand down. They were only around me due to a bokor attacking me. Interestingly, when I spoke to one of them, they gave me some helpful advice and they weren’t actually harming me, they were just hanging around. They seemed reluctant to harm me. They told me they protect the bokor and that I needed to call Elegua for them to leave my reality.


Got ya! Well I hope it works out for you! Sorry you’re going through that.

Did you already do the ritual?

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I didn’t know bokors attacked people with orishas, most versions of voodoo use a different set of spirits, however, wherever you are, you might be willing to find a high priest to work it through with you, that might really help you up

This one seems to work with multiple ATR systems. He attacked me with Quimbanda spirits, and the Ghede Loa. I had to act very quickly and petition the Pomba Gira to stand down (they have) and the same with the Ghede (they have). I’m not sure what the orishas were there for but one of them told me they protect this bokor. I’m known locally for being harsh to my enemies (even though I don’t hurt anyone unless they cause me serious harm). One of my enemies paid a bokor to come after me because he is afraid of my strength, power and abilities. It’s a common theme among my enemies. They attacked me because they were afraid of me and what I’m capable of (yet they are the ones who threw the first rock). One of them even admitted that to me.

I don’t know a high priest, hence the need to take care of it myself. I found Papa Legba and Papa Ghede very helpful. It’s being handled. :slight_smile:

That’s life. You can’t let a bunch of haters get in the way of your progress,especially when they try to use their magick to destroy you and your life based on fear and spite.


Not yet but I will. Many thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

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No problem!

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How do you recieve your consecrated pots. I’ve been working (trying) with Orishas without proper initiation and i think im making some sort of contact with them but what would you suggest one to do if he wished to strengthen his connection or even be properly initiated into the system

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You would need to find a legitimate priest to study under. They will teach you how to properly do things. Then when the time comes IF you are supposed to be initiated, (because not everyone is supposed to be), then they will be able to initiate you.

It is also a priest that would do the ceremony where you receive the Orisha pot that YOU are supposed to be working with.

If you are attempting to work with Orisha but haven’t worked with your ancestors… you are working backwards. You should be focused on your ancestors first.

You can PM me if you want


hi, ive been going through a couple different posts all relating to beings ive worked with/attempt to work with and decided to click your profile, and you stay in the same area. was wondering if i could PM and ask some questions as rn im trying to find “Me” if that makes sense? either way help would be appreciated, :white_heart:.

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Hey, sure that’s no problem.

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