How to do demonic magick on a traget but you dont know there name?


i read in a book about demonic magick you must know the name of your target.
i dont know the name of my target.
can i make a sigil/hieroglyph (related to petition magick) and when i say my request to a demon i visualize my target? i mean when i read my request on the moment that i am at the word of the sigil/hieroglyph i visualize target.
ex. john got a new car.
sigil/hieroglyph got a new car.
i would than {visualize target} got a new car

they reason i ask this is because a week ago.
i wanted to know a name of a person, but i could not remember there name. so i visualized a spirit that i know from DMT. So while i visualiseing the spirit i ask what is the name of this person and on that exact moment i visualized that persons face. 15 mins later parts from that person name come through. and 10 min later i remembered there name. same happend a few days later when i wanted to know another persons name.
so i see potential in that approach.

what youre take on that?

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Name them, and shame them.

I don’t think you’d necessarily need their name because anything that is tethered to the person virtually or tangibly has an already established connection between that “thing” and them — to which can be used in any form of craft including cursing and baneful magick.

What has gotten me curious is that usually an enemy is a name that you don’t forget, are you sealing something up that was in the past or is this something different? Usually people have a lot of background information on the person they target, especially and firstly; their name. Like I said, not needed at all though.

You can just describe the person on paper if you don’t have a name, personal item ECT

Like “the woman that keeps bugging me”
Or "the man that is stalking me " ECT…
I learned that trick while learning to make spirit powder

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if that is possible what you just said, than visualization must also be possible i quess

You don’t need a name .

What book are you using?

If tangible and virtual elements such as birth charts, photos, items, usernames, IP addresses, home address or phone number seem to work — then visualisation
obviously will work just as powerfully. Everyone has their own niche

Someone say is long u focus on tat person not matter wat. The spirt get the hint.

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demons and magick.

want to do ritual 1 (petition for result)

see screenshots from the book where the author said you need there name also a screenshot of powers of the demon

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“If the demon’s power require you to”


thanks guys, yeah i thought so, what i said i wantend to know a name and a visualized that person and i got there name.

thanks for the in put

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You don’t need a name or have to follow a specific ritual from a book make your own just be respectful to whatever spirit you summon

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with this topic i asked something similair to what you just said.

could you please go to that topic and read my questions and if you want could you answer my few questions. its not a long thread i am the only one in that topic. i dont want to copy the same text in this topic because i think it against the rules.

thanks in advanced