The aid of a spirit to master/understand a Book


i am trying to read a specific book, the book got serval specific complex steps. since i am new to this type of practical magick. i want to do exactly as is written in the book. i have a bit of difficulty remeber every single step or divine names.
(yes i take notes)

i have read that GL can implant knowledge in youre head. "teaches all arts and sciences ‘in an instant’ (information magick!) see image

so my questions are as follows. can i print out the sigil of GL and open the sigil by gazing and when the sigil is open. say “GL give my all knowledge about [name of book]”
or should i say “GL give me complete understand of [name of book]” how do i formulate my desire?

also on which exact moment is a sigil open.
i know when it “flashing it is open” but when i made it flashing and speak to the sigil while it is not flashing on that exact moment does that work. for example i make the sigil flashing 1 second later i speak to the sigil does that work?
because i have notice when i open a sigil and speak on that exact moment in time the flashing stops and the sigil goes to normal.
i am not that advanced in meditation. so when i start to speak the flashing goes away.

also can i make a petition to GL and first open the sigil, speak to sigil, than read my petition to GL? or is will that counter it effects since you basicly do to types of magick techniques

when i did that can i still read and learn the book, because i quess when i am reading the book, i can not forget what just did. becauce with magick you must set & forget.

also about set & forget.
can i make a switch in my mind like “i dont want the result any more” so that i am not lusting for the result to manifest. to make it manifest faster.
or is that counter effective because you dont want the result any more. i basicly try to find a technique to forget about the result or in other words banishing my desire in the conscious aspect of my mind.


  1. you can print or draw the sigil whatever you want , also you can gaze at it or activate it by putting your energies into the sigil.

  2. You could word it like help me better understand & retain the knowledge within “said book” don’t take the description from the goetia literally, there are alot of modern interpretations of what certain spirits can do I recommend getting the goetia guide app(free) it’s got some awesome information including the demonic inns and better information than just the plain goetia

3.i would open/activate the sigil first

4.its hard to do I personally found it hard at first but put everything that would remind you of the working out of sight like the saying “out of sight out of mind”.

5.if you don’t want the results don’t do the work I guess, make sure before you do any form of magick do you truly want what your asking for.

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thanks for you reply im realy grateful, thank you

about Q2 and Q5

is the sigil still a few seconds open after i made it flash or is the sigil only open on the exact moment i make it flash. and by exact i mean really literally exact up to nano seconds.

what i meant is after i did the ritual… can i make a switch in my mind that i dont want it any more.
that way it is easier for me banishing desire thoughts? but if i do that, do the results still manifest? maybe the the result will not manifest because i dont want it anymore. there is a difference between forgeting your desire and not wanting the result to manifest. or is that the same? and by dont wanting the result to manifest the result manifest faster. because you dont be thinking and lusting for results.
how you look at that?

  1. Take your time my dude relax when your gazing into the sigil yes it is active after flashing but it’s just a tool to help you better tune in to that specific spirit.

5.there is no switch you just have to practice after your done with a ritual grab some food play a game or watch TV movie whatever do things to keep your mind off of it the more you do it will make it easier over time

thank you for your information.

also by switch i mean not literally a switch but.
switch my mindset, i dont know how to explain but for a example. you know a girl and you like her but she does stupid things. after some time you had enough and finally you cut ties with her by making up your mind not to interact with her.
its like you switch you perception about her and so the desire to be with her stops.

that is similiar by what i mean. i switching my perpection “i dont want the result any more” i think that more powerful or easier for me to forget the result that i want than. simply trying to suppress the thought about the desire.
but then i again i dont know if the result still going to manifest

maybe you or some buddy else got experience with that and can tell me if that is the key.

any thank you very much that you took your time for answering my questions.
some questions i really needed to be answered and you cleared that up.
i hope when you got questions that somebody else answers those questions in the name way you did to me. i.e. provide you with information that you realy seek and also that the other person takes there time and energy to patiently and politely answers those question

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