How to do Animal Sacrifice effectively

So I agreed to write up what I know about animal sacrifice, but am just now getting round to it. @DA_KD
First off, this thread will obviously discuss the ritualistic killing of animals. If you don’t like that kind of stuff then this is a heads up.

So why might I want to perform an animal sacrifice?

Animal sacrifice is useful in a range of settings. Whether you’re honouring a spirit, manipulating some event/thought, casting bane, or even just performing an evocation, animal sacrifice could potentially play a role. Depending on the rite you are performing, you will kill the animal differently and the role it plays in the ritual will differ.

Okay, so which rituals are best suited to animal sacrifice?

Although, as I said earlier, animal sacrifice can be used in almost any ritual but that doesn’t mean you should bother very time. As a general rule of thumb, animal sacrifices are best used to curses, powerful manipulation of the mind, powerful healing and necromancy rituals that aim to produce strong results on earth eg. a haunting.

So are the sacrifices ever needed?

No. If you need to perform animal sacrifice to get a ritual to work, then you’re using it as a crutch for your own flaws and should address said flaws before eyeing up the neighbor’s yappy dog.

So I’ve assessed my own flaws and my ritual is suited to sacrifice: What do I kill?

What you kill isn’t the important part, it’s how you kill it. I’ve seen some people on here say very small creatures and fish aren’t very good. I’ve never used anything really tiny or used a fish, so take their advice for what you will.
Personally, I like to use pigeons. They make noise, they shit on your car and their frail enough to kill easily with your bare hands ( I’ll get back to this soon).

So how do I obtain and kill a pigeon, or equivalent vermin?

The power of the animal sacrifice comes from connecting the animal’s death and life force as closely to the ritual process as possible. The more personal the kill, the better. To that end, I recommend you take the pigeon in one hand and rip its head off with the other. The head is only loosely attached and comes off very easily ( takes no more time than chopping its head off ). That being said, don’t be a pansy about this part: you have to have a good bit of conviction behind the movement. No point torturing the creature pointlessly.
Obtaining a pigeon is easy, just shoot it with an air gun (anything more will likely kill the bird too quickly) in the spine or lower chest ( you can also throw a rock, but you need a decent arm and aim to do this ). Other vermin can be obtained by setting non lethal traps eg. a cage rat trap, or by shooting them non lethally

So we have our pigeon/ equally frail creature and know how to kill it, how does this fit into the ritual?

You should, before starting, identify the part if the ritual you will need the sacrifice. For instance, a manipulation ritual would call for the animal to be sacrificed during the channeling of your will towards the target. A haunting ritual on the other hand, would be best suited to sacrificing the animal after the initial channeling of will, and channeling the sacrifice’s life force into cast ritual. If you’re asking an entity of some description to aid you, then you should kill the sacrifice as you petition the entity for aid, after the initial evocation.

Things you should know before hand

  • The animal will twitch and convulse for a bit, after you pull its head off.
  • Pigeons sometimes give this little whimper when they can’t escape your grip. Always reminds me of a kitten’s mew. Don’t let it throw you: close your heart to its suffering.
  • You will end up covered in blood and the body will continue to pump blood onto your hand and the floor, after you remove its head
  • If you’re only interested in the life force, the corpse doesn’t matter too much. You can throw it away after the ritual.

I’ve never sacrificed an animal - a couple of ‘humans’ - but no animal. It’s got a lot to do with paradigms and sacrificing animals isn’t in my repertoire. Humans are another thing altogether and I got a two for the price of one deal without killing animals. Charles Henry Allan Bennett was a great Magician.

The aeonic work I’m still involved with after twenty-two years is and will continue to produce global results and ruin the lives of at least tens of millions of people. My work is already bearing fruit and will continue to do so long after I leave to walk with Satan, in His world, with His Bride. As a pescetarian I did all of this without animal sacrifice.

Mine you, I could be posting crap, so each to their own.



Couldn’t we all really. At the end of the day, it’s what works for the individual. I can think of a few people I think talk nonsense, but their magic works for them, so what’s it matter


Seriously, a lot of the material I publish on these boards is crap. I’ve repeatedly warned members not to read my postings or do any of the things proposed therein, but they do. Oftentimes I feel ashamed.



:joy: Try separating everything you say and do into little boxes that never interact. Pretty sure that’s how Ted Bundy Got by.

Very interesting, thank you.

I see you mentioned necromancy rituals which let’s be honest isn’t really a surprise, but what does pique my curiosity is the part about healing rituals. I’d implore you to dive a little deeper on that. I know there is some benefits of bring two very contradicting forces together during a ritual, and that the inherent balance between the concepts of life and death has a power in its own right, but that’s never struck me as particularly useful. but I’m now quite curious to know more

So why post it then?


Perhaps sacrificing an animal during a healing ritual would involve transferring the animal’s life force and sending it into the self or person you want to heal at the moment of death, but you would need to find an animal that is in good health.

That is just an idea that sprung into my mind, as I have no experience with that at all.

Is there a way to bring the animal to the person who is sick and cast a spell that will basically make the animal a vessel where you take the illness of the individual and fill the animal with it instead, and then kill the animal, eradicating the sickness altogether?

Who knows, I’m just brainstorming here.


@mrbungle Yes. A cleansing is done by taking an animal and rubbing it all over the sick person to transfer the illness to the animal then you kill it to destroy the sickness.

I do want to add to this thread that ATR (African Traditional Religions) are known for animal sacrifice. It is not performed like the way described above. It can only be performed by a properly initiated person. It is considered extremely poor form if the animal suffers in any way whatsoever. The animals are handled gently and with great respect. They are killed very swiftly and as painlessly as possible. They are shown honor and respect because they gave thier life essence to the spirits. Most animals are then consumed by the community (except for ones used in curses or those used in healings to take sickness away).


You can take a low dose of aspirin before drawing your own blood, but you’ll probably still end up bleeding more than intended. Have some gauze and a bandage handy, be ready to put pressure your wound for 20+ minutes and then wrap it tightly. I learned this lesson the fun way. :upside_down_face: Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. If you want to draw you own blood, do it hygienically and consult a doctor before acting if you have concerns.

Personally I would rather bleed to death three times over from a finger pinprick than rip the head off an animal. I can’t deny its efficacy as a ritual tool based on experience but that isn’t my paradigm.


My veins are really thin at the moment so if I were to draw blood now, not even a drop will fall. I’ve tried Aspirin but it just doesn’t work for me. Meditating gets the blood flowing but as soon as I stop my veins return to being really thin again and then I’m back to same problem again. I guess what I would have do is hold that feeling (Being in complete relaxation) or directly hit a vein.

I agree with you on this and I wasn’t going to rip its head off because it seems too brutal for me and it is, personally I think I would end up wanting to be its friend in the end. I was rehearsing how I would kill it and to be honest I’m struggling with it. Which probably means that the animal would suffer because I was ineffective and hesitant. I feel a bit awful and selfish about posting that comment so I deleted.

Thanks for replying and I’ll look for another way or practice more.

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or you need something like sumatriptan and aspirin :thinking: (again, literally ignore me, i am not a medical professional)

oops, sorry to draw that back up. i get it though, i could not bring myself to kill an animal unless it was a matter of pure survival. and a lot of the ‘lesser’ creatures seen as good sacrificial animals are animals i have had as sweet and loving pets, that i mourned deeply when they died. i literally cannot fathom the idea of killing one on purpose, even if I were 100% sure it was quick & painless.

i am sure there are alternatives to animal sacrifice. i am not sure if you are asking this because you think that you are asking for something ‘big’ that requires a big sacrifice, or because it’s part of a tradition you are following. that would change my answer. but i can say that plenty of people have performed great acts of magic without needing blood of any kind.


If you just need the blood, usually, you can buy animal blood at a butcher shop (it’s an ingredient in food stuffs like blood sausage, soup, and pudding).


Does it cheapen the sacrifice if it’s an animal you intended to kill anyway?
IE: If you’re butchering your own chickens, are you really sacrificing them if you’d kill them anyway for food? Or a mouse you’re pre-killing to feed to a snake?

No. That’s how many cultures did them, and still do. Dedicating it even if you’re going to do it anyway is still courteous.