How to do a proper enslavement spell?

rose petals. sorry, i’m an foreign speaker, since i live in germany.

any normal oil you’d use in cooking, like sunflower or olive.

The point of the oil,
is to capture the thin fine vapors,
which the alcohole has solved.

Capturing them in oil,
is only necessary,
because the wax needs time to melt,
and can’t absorb anything before it liquified.

That’s why you only want a little bit oil,
to catch the vapors,
but not to much,
which would make the candle liquid.

but even if the candle turned out liquid,
it’d still burn fine.

yeah well,
to quote:


I found Isamo_Minami’s answer pretty well,
and kind of felt like just adding a potent spell,
so he’d actually get results,
if he really wants this to work out.

After all,
we’re not just here to recognize dangers beforehand,
we’re also here to learn and experiment.

i guess the spell i gave,
will produce madning results. (sorry for the misspelling again, i hope it doesn’t disturb. :wink: )


Perfect. Thank you very much for clarifying :slight_smile:

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Wait until you want alone time and you’ll see just how “awesome” obsession is. And the truly obsessive will kill to be with you so count out pets, family, friends, hobbies, etc… you’ll have to do some extra work here or else its going to be like that episode of Tales from the Crypt.


How did this turn out? Still need a spell? I can tell you what to do. It’s reversible though. Do it at your own risk.

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Might as well post it. I’m sure they’d be interested

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Ok I put the same thing in the celebrity discussion. I attracted his shadow self but whatever should still work the same. Make a sigil out of the name. Put bodily fluids on it and burn it. I prefer sexual fluids, that’s just me. Write down specifically what you want and burn it too. Sometimes I’ll write in pencil erase it and make sure the shavings stay on the paper. Fold it up then burn. Scatter ashes in the wind. Be extremely emotional during this process. I was depressed and cried. That person will never go away.


Genuinely? I’m really curious and slightly tempted :sweat_smile:

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Yes it works I wrote it in the celebrity discussion but I’m haunted by a celeb crush’s shadow self because of that spell. I can only imagine what it would do to someone you actually know.


You mean like someone who’s similar to the celebrity won’t leave you alone??

Genuinely may try this just to find out… do you mind explaining it to me a little further on DM?


No it’s not a physical person. It’s his spirit. Sometimes people can be haunted by living people. There was a woman who absolutely loved this house. When the house came for sale she went to look at it. When she got there the owners gave her a strange look. She asked them what was wrong and they said she was the ghost that was haunting their house and the reason why they were selling. She liked the house so much that she was astral projecting into the house and didn’t realize it. Needless to say she got the house. But when I think about it, it seems like a similar situation.


Definitely wanting to try this one out !
Although I’m wondering if it may work to get someone back ?

I feel like it should. Just remember your emotions are key.

Thank you ! I do know I have to let it go afterwards and not obsessing over results.

Quick question about the name sigil, I’ve seen both methods, one where you cross out the vowels and the other one where you just take the full name. I’ve always used the first one. I don’t know if this really matters or not ?

Yes forgetting about it is key too. I don’t think it matters what method you use. I get rid of vowels and double letters. For example if the name was Matt Cross I would get rid of a, o, one t, and one s. Then I’d be left with m, t, c, r, s. That’s how I do it. But do what feels right to you. Trust yourself.


Call the demon beleth to make your target have extreme sexual lust for you and buy the book how to make someone obsessed with you by Scarlett Kennedy. Be very very careful. Most of the people commenting probably can’t even get a simple love spell to work so just ignore them. Obsession tho is not worth it in my experience. It sounds nice and makes you feel powerful but overall what you really want is attention. Thats fine so make sure you also get some new friends and have a life you might get over it. But if not then you will learn how I did how it feels to have a women obsess after you… it’s fun at first until you want it to stop.


Uh… I have no right to tell you what to do, but I think you’re digging your own grave here. First of all, you are restricting yourself and changing the other person drastically. And think of the karma! This isn’t some anime, this is real life. You’re messing with real people here. You’d also be affecting the people you’re around. Your family, your friends, her family, her friends… This is definitely a bad idea.

Karma? That’s a thought form/egregore. Not a real thing. If you believe in karma then it’s real for you. End of the day it comes down to morals and values. Not karma…


Good point. But still. OwO

Alexa, tipe jonh de bruges. Its a small company occultist, most are uniqe, plus ebooks, its based in france,

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Honestly… I have NO regrets from the spell NGcreativity put here. Is he obsessed? Meh I wouldn’t say he’s obsessed - but I’m loving the results… so that combined with NAP and no scary over obsession but a warming up into things tbh better than they were when we dated first time around. It feels genuine and not forced- like the magick just reveals what’s there underneath. I don’t worry he’d not love me without magick but I think it’s sped things up and turned around a double block to a happy future potentially ahead.

However a friend did use the spell and things went bad… which leads me to believe it’s imperative you change your subconscious beliefs to align with your sigil spells. Maybe it’s simply a bridge of events and her SP is on his way though