How to do a proper enslavement spell?

I want a girl to be my obsessed with me in a crazy unhealthy way. What would you reccomend doing?


Man, still these days this forum amazes me with people not having a clue about what they’re asking…

But ok, sure, let’s suppose that you really want someone being obsessed with you and all the side effects this will bring.

The answer is this will probably not work, because there’s MANY factors that can delay or even prevent the spells from working, and a factor is your ego. That’s right, your ego can ruin the thing down. Also, the desperation for the result, you’re lusting too much and this ain’t good.

Let’s suppose that you made your hokework and got rid of all these limitating feelings. What now? Then you need to do a very precise spell plan, be concise and do every ritual with all the power you have.

Sometimes you’ll need to employ many demons for that, if you’re on goetia, satanism or luciferian magick. If you’re on Umbanda, Candomblé, Voodoo, Haitian Voodoo, or even Palo, you have a list of things that you need to do in order ti get it right. Even if you’re on a pure hoodoo, you have some rules to seek.

After you define your spell plan and know what to do, you just do it right, following all the rules for that.

If, after all, you hire a magician, you should get rid of those feelings we talked before AND not lust about the outcome. For this I mean that you can’t check for signals every hour neither expect that magick works fast as a flash, instantly. You need to forget that you did magick, and even when the thought of the magick comes in your mind, even you remember it, you should let it go and do something else. It’s a “set and forget” thing, dude.

After all that, you need to take notes of the magick you just did. Because no matter if it takes 1 week, one month or 1 year, you need to know what are the magick you did to give the offering you promissed (if you did so).

So here are the rules in a resume:

1 - get rid of all the limitating feelings and thoughts and improve yourself.
2 - take notes and do a smart spell plan by choosing the right entity for the right outcome.
3 - do the spells right.
4 - take notes on an individual and secret notebook.
5 - just forget that you did magick and let it work without limitations.


I recommend asking yourself if this is something you REALLY want…I had someone obsessed with me, someone I have a long history with and thought I knew very well and it’s not something I would wish on anyone. Stalking, threats of suicide if I didn’t answer them when they tried to contact me, the attention I did give was never enough, threatening to take my child away from me, constant anger because they felt I was ignoring them even after I gave them the attention they wanted, the list goes on. It’s not cute or fun.

If after some reflection you still want this person obsessed for whatever reason, then perhaps a search of the forum would bring up a few options in obsession spells, spirits to contact and connect with etc. This question comes up a lot around here and the answers can be found if you do the research.

Good luck


My intentions are to make her as obsessed as possible. So yes I know that’s what I want.

Obsessed as possible, you should watch crime shows where murderers and such killed their victims due to obsession lol.


ok…so like I suggested, do your research and look through the tons of obsession threads and find a spell or spirit to work with. type “obsession” in the search function to start…

Again, good luck.


This is a very complicated ritual which no beginner should or could undertake. There are current life situations that will be for sure beyond what you can control, the mindset of the person factors heavily as does their emotional state, current life state as well as genetics going back generations.

To really control someone is a huge undertaking and a long term commitment. You do not just “Dial a Demon” ™ and expect shit to happen today. You are setting an unrealistic goal for someone who has only practised 3 months and barely scratched the surface on Magick.


Learn to sleep with one eye open.
Hide all sharp objects.
Never glance at other woman.
Delete all female contacts from your phone.
Say bye to all your free time.
Learn how to reverse an obsession spell.
Learn how to rebuild yourself if you survive.
Never cast a obsession spell for yourself ever again. :wink:


Today is just a day for amazing remarks. I have never laughed so much in all my life and all day long it seems.


Lol I hope this has even half the power yall are saying.

A note on obssesion from my own experience being obsessed with someone:

Sometimes, you will see no difference at all. It may work, this person may think in you every single second of the day. And still refuse to even text you ONCE. Ignoring you unless YOU speak first. And never asking anything.

I’m saying this just in case. It may work and still not give you what you want.


You’re absolutely right @ReyCuervo, that brings up another point. The person can become obsessed, think of the person constantly etc. and can in turn actually fight against the obsession work done on them…causing them to ignore the person that had the spell done or actually treat them worse, resent them etc because they can’t stop thinking of them.


Shit is real, dude. If you manage to make someone obsessed with you, be prepared for the outcome.

Obsession is a dangerous thing. I’m with the guy who said that’s very unlikely that a newbie does it, not because it needs complicated rituals but because you need to have experienced magick before to know what to do in order to get what you want.

Sure, you can achieve the desired result in the very first attempt, but success generally comes from failure. You need to work, test, sometimes experiment (always seriously and aiming for the success) and in the beginning, it’s pretty common to fail because of your own traits, like anxiety that generates a very strong lust for the result. And by this, your perception can be affected so you can’t perceived the signs. And also, there’s the fact that your magick could be working but you dismiss it by doing another magick by your bad perception.

So, the best thing you can do is to work magick on simple tasks, just out of the reach things, get the results and take notes on it. Develop your abilities first and only then you work on very unlikely things.

Also, work with evocations and stuff, but don’t neglect the energy working, since it’s crucial dor any magick you does. Build up energy, work with things that are just out of your reach at this moment, get the results and improve your magick.


You can’t make someone obsessed if you’re obsessed and by the sound of it - you are, sugar. If you really want a zombie who doesn’t want you for you - I suggest you trade ritual for ritual with someone else who’s impartial. You’re too involved, you can’t control your emotions and where there is strong emotion - even a smidget of doubt aaaaaaand poof goes all your work. You create thoughtforms that cancel your hard work.

Take aaaaall of that want and desire - channel it into a fetish and pass that fetish on to the person who will do the working for you. You will also empty yourself off the desire and energy. Make sure you channel every last drop into the fetish. And once you hand it over, as EA says - go make a sanwich. :slight_smile: Your work and meddling is done.



We madeout today and she invited me over tommorow. So awesome results. And she kept complimenting me.


I think this can be fixed with a communication spell. Do you agree?

I guess in those cases there are obstacles for the target to see the person as worthy of their attention or they might had issues with love in the past where they had been rejected by someone they had interest in. And other times, the target might already be in a relationship with someone else so they find it immoral to cheat or they have an emotional pull to the other person that makes it hard to break up and follow their desires.
Depending the situation a different spell should take place to support the first one.

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It’s easier to help you if you explain what you wan’t out of it… do you wan’t her to be your slave or what?

The only useful thing I can contribute to this based on my experience: make sure you take care of the territorial instinct. Jealousy of you allowing your eyes to wander to another is a pain and can lead to hospital bills (and not for the good kind of injuries). Make sure this is something you truly want

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My obsession, you mean? I’ve tried a lot of stuff. Over time, it has faded quite a lot, but it still persists and I still think of her. We have not spoken in almost 5 months, so…

Anyway, if you mean to cast a spell to make someone obssessed with you, that may be the case. I’m a noob in magic.

And sorry for my poor grammar and spelling, today I’m doing it worst than my average, it seems.