How to do a love spell

Could somebody teach me how to do one please. Trying to help a friend out. Otherwise can servitors help with that?


search button can help you…


Just remember, love and marriage are for a little while. Maintenance is for life!



Unfortunately I am only asking because I have yet to find anything useful in the search


Ever consider that what you found in the search might be the extent of our knowledge on the matter? Those posts did come from us you know. But to answer your question, servitors can be used for just about anything.


Why not create a servitor, ask one of the love gods to embue the servitor with the love aspects they represent. Easy peasy beautiful cover girl.

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Hmm…I don’t think that using a love spell for serious relationships is a good idea most time you get a zombie that only cares about you,you’ll turn the person in your puppet ,but if you want to do a spell ask Aphrodite for help and also Asmodeus,I feel I should mention him he is great he really helped me out didn’t ask for much just 2 cigarettes lol


You may try candle magick of EA. Here is the video.

That is very effective and a powerful one.

Another one is basically asking help from Djinn.

Good luck


I tried this on two different people an it didn’t work one bit

Which one ? The candle or djinn. ?

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The candle .

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It happens sometimes, but generally speaking it’s effective.

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Can i just print the page 8 time more easy not my language arabic :grinning: ?

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Why not :slight_smile:

But for sure the best way, also that is a secure way to transfer your energy to the spell is to write it one by one. Just look and copy symbols one by one; hard yes but sure more effective.

You may use a red paper and if possible a silver ink to add more power too.

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I will try with normal paper and red ink for sure

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Venus won’t help you get your ex back.

Venus is the real sex goddess. The Roman name sticks because that form of love is a ruthless blood drinking slave driver. Don’t even talk to Venus about someone you fucked who doesn’t want you anymore.

You are the proverbial maggot. The mistress cannot teach you unless you are willing to shed your filthy maggot skin. You will never ever get your ex, your old crush, or anybody that you have ever met in this life. You want your ex because they have what you do not: Freedom from that stale old bullshit.

Go after someone who has absolutely nothing to do with anyone in your social circle. Get a NEW thing going, or at least try. Then you get help from Venus. She’s fairly reliable.