How to develop intuition ability

HI Guys,

I want to know if there is a way to develop your intuition. I’m asking this because I know that I do have high intuition ability.

I have been experiencing this several times, which did help me a lot in my life, but it’s not something that I can control. The more I grow up, the more the intuition become stronger. Sometimes it comes as a dream and sometime it just me talking to myself telling me to avoid things, something is going to happen or just not give up on the thing am doing. I know I may sound crazy :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s always been like that since i was a kid.

Thank you in advance for your comments

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Practice EA’s Blue Flame meditation. In my experience, it will greatly increase your intuition.


The more you practice most things, the sharper it gets.


I’m sure you can find something on this site.


While not directly meant to improve your intuition, this meditation is pretty effective at opening you up to the energies of the world, which your intuition relies upon for those ‘gut instinct’ moments.