How to detect imposter spirits and other time wasting things

I ask because almost everyone has issues to some degree with sigil magic


What kind of issues?

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Same as Evocation :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Either something else appears or there is no charge to it

Not sure if that makes sense or not
But you get what I mean


I think I know what you mean. What occult groups are they connected to?

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Hmm :thinking:
Majority of the Sigils people use (spirit wise) come from either

  1. EA

  2. Maergjizirah

  3. Google and Books on Amazon Kindle


So I would say one of these

So for example

Using Azazels sigil which is from EA

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I feel as though unless you get the real entity to empower the sigil themselves you’re going to reaching for straws on mostly fakes.


That’s what I was trying to get at :grin:
I just didn’t know how to ask it
Thanks mayne

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I suspect that it still boils down to a lack of preparatory immersion. They don’t know what the spirit is so they don’t know what they are aiming for. People involved in dodgy occult collectives are going to be contacting dodgy thoughtforms.


Makes sense

Thanks for the info Mayne

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Yoooo @Faustus

So I did a Inverted Pentagram meditation to really try this out with out any filler on my end

I vizualizing a Inverted Pentagram and IMMEDIATELY it appeared but it was solid and I knew it wasn’t gonna Change shape. And it stayed there regardless of me not focusing on it.

I willed to change it Red and it slowly changed after about 6 secs. When I say slowly, I mean slowly lol.

I then let it fade away.

It was totally different from how I normally do it, cause then it’s just some image that is easily changeable.


Thats a good sign. Try it with evocation next and see if there is a difference.

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How does one get rid of an imposter spirit?
I’ve been dealing with one for months now and it keeps lying.

I’ve also been trying to connect to my potential succubus for months aswell with no succes whatsoever.


I don’t want to see the thread moving in this direction but I will say this briefly. Put down the ouija board, forget about succubi, learn a banishing and cleansing ritual and get to work.


I love this.

They also can’t lie about sigils, so be sure to ask for them. If they give you the wrong one or seem reluctant to, then it’s an impostor.


It can be an indicator of one yes. I am seeing hints however that the commonly known sigils can also connect to thoughtform demons as well. So I will admit to being on the fence with this one.


The only reason I find that the sigils we use now are most likely not real (as stated unless the demon or entity themselves empower it) is because we don’t know for sure that the one who made the sigils in the first place had contact with the actual being and not a thoughtform. An entity I dont think would have a problem empowering a sigil for a person because when it boils down to it they can ignore you and you can’t force them to come.


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(Reposting. I had a glitch on my side)
Excellent advice! A true deity should easily be able to demonstrate His / Her authenticity by physical verification. It made a believer out of me when Lilith first entered my life.


Thank you so much, glad we share similar point of view. Lilith is extremely powerful. Still remember her voice, so energetic I was in shock from her first response lol

Good choice working with her :+1: