How to deal with intrusive negative thoughts during rituals

how to deal with intrusive negative thoughts like in depression and ocd during rituals guys ?

Work on meditation. Pick an exercise you like and do it every day. Do your meditation right before ritual. You will already be in the proper mindset.

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yeh, but what to do when meditation opens the gates of hell for you ?

DB suggested the correct course for this; work on meditation as long as it takes to gain control of your mind. This could be as much as or more, than an entire hour every single day of focused meditation.

Also something that could be helpful is acetylcholine supplementation, which could be very useful for the OCD as it enhances focus for many people, which will help you with the first suggestion of meditating which is the main thing you should be doing.

yeh, but what to do when meditation opens the gates of hell for you ?

Keep your meditation practice going and eventually the “gates of hell” will no longer bother you.

Firstly, any traditional Hindu teacher wirth his salt would advise you commit to karma yoga (acts of charity and mercy for others that you don’t directly gain by) to purge dark energies that may be holding you back, and would recommend you abstain from meditation while you uplift your energies, because it will otherwise feed into these darker forces.

If you search meditation makes depression worse you’ll find many links and studies that verify this, it’s a known thing both scientifically and also, known to Hindu gurus for millenia.

Second: as BB44 says, the black magickal way would be to face down hell.

Third: a compromise may be to study “light” energy healing methods, such as reiki and shamanic healing, light work in general - you’ll be able to check box 1 (karma yoga) by healing others, and be able to develop your magickal skills in a manner the soup kitchen route wouldn’t permit.

I can send you a tutorial for core shamanism, the first stages, but I may not be able to teach you to heal with it, some people do better with a teacher in offline life. :slight_smile:

You could also look into mindfulness, it;s overrated as a cure for depression, OCD etc., but it has its place, and that might be a bridge into successfully meditating. Plenty of info all over the net about that.


yeh, but what to do when meditation opens the gates of hell for you ?[/quote]
Then it means there is some part of you that wanted to open the gates of hell for whatever reason, probably to face your fears and learn to deal with negative emotions and thoughts while simultaneously growing a thicker skin and gaining a warrior spirit. The list of reasons your subconscious might do it could be endless but it would ultimately be your choice. Either by having it ongoing as a worry in the back of your mind or you open it fully intentionally. Thinking about it is what will surely do it.

sure, why not

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