How to deal with a family member who is an ahole

I’ve noticed that there was a similar topic (not strictly magickal per se, but social which could potentially be touching magick) started here not long ago, so I decided to fish for opinions as well.
In my family there is an individual who is basically a prick and whenever I meet him at a family gathering he is yearning to pick up a fight with me. This person has no respect for anybody and even though he is a total simpleton he thinks very highly of himself, to the point of trying to always disagree and negate everything I say, which needless to say is quite disrespectful. I’ve been wondering how to structure my interactions with him, 3 main options are:
-ignoring him altogether to the point of not showing up at the functions he is present at
-picking the bait and risking ruining family occasions
-showing up but ignoring him

This person is slightly older than me (yes in my country that still matters), not my closest relation, but unfortunately close enough so that it may be difficult to totally cut him out in the longer run. I have been thinking about performing some minor magick, but it would have to be something really really subtle since even though he is a prick I wouldn’t want to seriously harm him or ruin him. Any suggestions of potential actions?
Thank you in advance for any advice

Lucifer can make people be smoother with you altogether and prioritize your needs.

Forneus can influence people’s minds to be more generous and kinder to you. Also cool emotions in both you and others.

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