How to curse a certain place and its landlords

Hello community, I hope everyone’s doing great. I’ve been practicing witchcraft for almost 20 years (white magic), but I’ve never cast curses or practiced dark magic before, so I’m not sure how to do this. I’d like to ask for advice: how can I cast a curse on a certain place and its landlord?

Context: the owner of the house that my parents have rented for 40 years not only systematically abuses them through an illegal contract but also takes advantage of their situation (both are retired and older, in my city there’s a serious housing problem so it’s difficult to find another place). I’ve tried many times to persuade them to leave that house but they built their lives around it and they don’t really want to leave it (I can understand that). But all this reached the limit when in the middle of the pandemic the landlord’s wife threatened to leave them on the street and yelled at my mom when she tried to demand what was right. My parents were never late in their payment and they always complied, they’re pacifists and don’t want conflicts, so they made the mistake of submitting and lowering their heads for too long, you know, they belong to another generation. But enough is enough.
With a lot of effort I managed to buy a piece of land for them and I’m building a small house so that they never have to rent again. But I want that b-tch and her whole family (they’re all a piece of sh-t, no exceptions) to suffer for the pain she caused my parents, and above all I want them to never be able to rent that house again, or sell it, for that matter. Nobody messes with my family. As soon as I get my parents out of there, I will bring the landlords to justice due to all the irregularities in the lease agreement and the abuses committed, I have evidence of tax evasion and the IRS will f-ck them up, I already spoke with a lawyer and moved some papers, not only do I have documentation but countless witnesses willing to testify. I will never forget my mom’s tears and despair when all this happened, so I really need to curse them. I want to destroy that woman, I want her to be unable to sleep or find peace. So my question is: how can I curse the house so that it will never be rented or sold, and its owners? Any ideas? Thank you very much in advance.

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  1. A jar spell.
    Pretty easy to find info about curse jars online and using the search feature here. They work well and can be pretty long-term.

  2. A normal spell/ritual with only you.
    You can find one or design one.

  3. A “demon”.
    Since it seems like you’ve already started with a legal approach you could choose a spirit known for legal dabbling. King Paimon is great! I would also encourage you to check out (Duke) Dantalion.

With regard to strait up curses, Glasya-Labolas. Personally, I’ve had a great time with Furcalor (also Forcalor and Focalor), but I don’t recommend him to beginners. If you have experiences with evocation that’s different though.

My suggestion on this is to page through the Lemegaton (Ars Goetia) and see if anything stands out. A warning, normally the more volatile or violenace-oriented entities have a stronger presence and I’ll suggest you feel safe (do something protection-related)before evoking as it can be overbearing if you aren’t used to it.

There are also some angels out there that are great for this and deities from other pantheons.

After your intro hopefully we’ll have a better understanding of what magick you’ve done and can help better!


I’m so sorry, thank you very much for the clarification. I just introduced myself!

Thank you very much for your answer and all the advice you gave me, I have material to entertain myself and study haha.
During these years I have read a respectable amount of material on demonology, although I never practiced this type of rituals or evocations, I was always drawn to them. In relation to evocations, I do have experience, but not with this type of entity, let’s say.
I think what kept me from experimenting with these things was that just as I read about demonology, I also found many testimonials of people who practiced it and ended up with a terrifying experience, if you know what I mean haha.
I always felt like a fluffy bunny in my practice. But the truth is that now I want to take revenge on these people and let them have the worst time, I’m not ashamed to say it.

Thank you very much for the recommendations, I have literally taken note of all of them. Finally, I would like to ask you a question: in terms of how to deal with these entities, do you suggest an attitude of request or supplication, or an authoritarian attitude towards them? Thank you very much again.

These people are mostly irresponsible with their practices. It’s true though that some people have terrifying experiences. But for most people who know their standing, it’s not the case I’d say.

I always ask. But different people, different styles. I’d stay away from Focalor for your first round of this.

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Good to know, tonight I’ll start doing my research with all the tips you gave me. Thank you so very much for all your help and advice!!

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