How to create my own magick system?

i’m looking forward for this, but i don’t know how to start
(already see some little similar topics and some articles but still wondering about what to do…)


What do you exactly mean by “magick system”?

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like enochian, thelema and goetic

Well there is no system… These are books written by ancient magicians based on their experiences. It’s not like a religion where you are told “you have to do this and that”. If you want to do something, do it. If you feel the need to banish, curse, pray, meditate etc :


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I suggest generating a pool of magickal experiences to then analyze to derive a magickal paradigm. I support your pursuit. I would suggest beginning with learning about natures in every detail, human nature, nature itself, the nature of society, your own personal natures. I also suggest beginning with learning how to obe. Learning how to modulate your brainwave state will produce a wide variety of phenomena to analyze.


Just try what appeals to you and keep it fresh. Eventually you’ll know what works for you and what doesn’t. BOOM! There’s your system.


In my opinion, first you need to understand what makes magick work exactly. The mechanism behind any magickal work. Regardless of which system is used or which technique is practiced.

Once you gain this knowledge - if you already have it then you’re ready to start - you can give form to this engine…design your own vehicle according to your personal style. Give it a name, backstory from whatever sources you prefer… Mythology for example… Use your imagination. Make rules for it… Write a bible for yourself and followers of this system ! Then Spread the word. Let people know about it and prove to them that it works by sharing your experience and encourage them to give it a try. Listen to their feedback and make any necessary changes and adjustments to improve your system and keep it alive.

I think that’s how they all started :slight_smile:


The first came about as a result of a magician and his medium making contact with spirits (who, to this day, many people report feel different to the others we commonly work with) and recording what they gave him with precision.

So, seeking out a spirit who has such a thing may be a good first step.

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