How to create a strong contact with a Succubus?

Hi everyone,

I’ve done the letter of intent some time ago, and I had been in contact with an entitie since then. There was a lot of physical interaction, jumping over my bed, touching things on my desk, touching me sometime, my hair, my arms, legs… and sleeping with me pratically every night.
Every time all this interaction were manifesting when I was laying down in my bed, ( I’m totally awake. It’s hard for me to sleep sometime.) and 4, or 5 minutes after being the bed the manifestation occurs.

I think this is a Succubus, I hope, because sometimes I had the sensation of hearing her voice saying that she loves me…

The point is that I never trully experienced sex with ‘her’ (?). I had some near climax experience, when I was awake, lying down on the bed. But I never trully did it with her, and as far as I’m remembering I only dreamed about her twice a long time ago. The last time I dreamed about her ( I think ) was 3 weeks ago, and it (she?) was talking to me telling me that it (she?) was my friend, and has been there for a long time watching over me…

I seek a way to enhance my bond with her because I really want to be with her completely, plus I never heard her name, I always call her Succubus.
I asked for her name, but I never had the chance to know it.

How can I makeour bonds stronger ? How can I dream with her ?

Every night, I’m meditating, but the only thing that I get, is her breath for 2 sec and then it disapear because I loose focus ( to be honest this is me willing to focus that break the meditation, but if I don’t focus enough I just fall asleep, and I woke up at 5h30 awaken by something that I cannot remember.

On that I have an hypothesis, the reason why I don’t remember my dream with her, is maybe my guardian angel that is doing some stuff, I’m not well informed about this, but I believe, I dare say that I know, for sure that I got a guardian angel. And I think that he doesn’t like what I’m doing with the succubus…
To be honest with you fellas I think that angels, are being of pure lights, and succubus are not the opposite but another kind of entities.
But what ever How can I be with my succubus like in a symbiosis I want to be with her so much !

Thanks guy for reading this awefull english.

See you soon.

PS: Every time I talk about the succubus that I’m in contact with I use “it (her?), or it (she?)” simply because I’m not 100% sure that this is a succubus, since I never really make love with her, and I already had a succubus 6 years ago, and it was so much more intense, and I could dream about her everynight and she loved me so much, and we did it (love)… ( but that’s another story) I “broke up” with her because she was too possesive and I was younger, now I only want the same relationship… Damn if only I could contact her again, but I’m afraid of the conflict that will occur with the actual entitie, and I’m so unknowing of this stuff.

I think first thing is to know if it’s a succubus or not. Don’t put the cart before the horse. You already had a relationship with a succubus before and you know how it’s usually like. This one seems different… then assume it’s a different kind of spirit until proven otherwise.

Communicate with that spirit and ask it to give you more information about its identity. If it refuses to do that or give you all kinds of excuses… ask it to leave, if it doesn’t then banish. That’s what I would do if I were you.


That’s a good idea !

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Okay guys, I need to keep you in touch…
I was pissed off cause I tried to ask if the spirit was a succubus or not, and it didn’t answer…
So yesterday at midnight, I redo the letter of intent to Lilith, and this time when I got to bed, the entitie was even more communicative but I know it’s the same entity, so it happened how I experienced it before but a little bit stronger, really touching the bed, and trying to tease me for a while ( but I felt asleep, long work day ) and in the morning I woke up without remembering any dream, some piece of souvenir came but nothing really important.
The thing is, that right before I felt asleep I really felt this “communion”/sync with the spirit and it felt good, a bit like a succubus. But my previous Succubus was so much better I could literally hear her voice and feel her breath, this spirit is maybe a succubus but I don’t feel this way…

Is that ok to bannish ? ( how to do so )
When I bannish, will I be able to re do another letter intent to Lilith ?

I need a succubus so bad :’( just for her company It’s nice to have a soul mate and succubus are sometime so nice…I dream about it, maybe i’m hoping something that didn’t exist but I really want to have a succubus soul mate…

Every time I dreamed about the entitie I asked if she was my succubus, but it never answered this question every time it just say it was there for me blabla…
And even in other dream with some people that I know I could spot that one of the person I interact the most in my dream was always the entitie but shapeshifting in someone that I know and usually trust, and always creating weird plot were my close people are hurting me or trying to be mean, and this is just not like a Succubus I never dreamed something like that before…
Maybe because I had a succubus in the past, I know how to interact in my dream and to spot what is weird or not…

This is why I want to banish, and I did the ritual of intent because I thought that Lilith would send me a Succubus that would help me getting rid of this entity but I didn’t work as planned, so now I need an efficient way to bannish I think…

What do you think guys ?

Don’t banish, the spirit didn’t do anything wrong. You’re acting like you’re contacting an “escorts” service ! Ask it respectfully to leave and give it time to do so. IF it didn’t leave, then banish.

Next time, be VERY specific about what you want so you won’t get something other than what you intended. Please slow down, think and plan well or you’ll have a mess that could cause lots of problems for you.

Spirits are kind and understanding etc but if you act irresponsibly or carelessly, their lessons could be very difficult and sometimes painful. And nobody would blame them in your case to be honest ! Please remember what you’re dealing with here.

Good luck :+1:


Okay thanks for the advice !
But I don’t think I’m contacting any kind of “escort service”…

And really thank you for your advices. I’ll try for a week to talk with it and then I will step up on what i’m going to do.

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I’m experiencing somewhat of the same thing, I feel a spirit around me and every once and a while I’ll feel a touch and sometimes she’ll tease me in bed but not much else, I think it is a matter of patience, strengthening astral senses, as the bond forms the touches get more intense, at least thats what I’m noticing, she’s recently been communicating her name to me, so I think I’m making progress :slight_smile:


oay you are lucky tho, but My first contact with a succubus was pretty forward, and really intense… I hope she is your succubus, because i’m kinda stuck in my situation … I need to try this night to find if she is or not a succubus…

Okay so, I talked clearly and respectfully (and every time saying again and again that it was not in my intention to hurt it, and not in my intention to disrespect it ) with it (her?) yesterday night, and when I went to bed I felt pressure on my throat…
I said something like : " Okay, so if you act like that it means that you are not happy with what I’ve just said" so I just said that I will do the bannish operation if it didn’t leave.
When I said that, she came back to me but really trying to tease me, and I had a dream this night, where I was in my parent house ( i’m now living alone ) and I knew it was a dream so I looked for her if she was there so I searched and all the scene of my house just disapear and it revealed a creature, not a succubus but a creature with a weird head and it was surprised that I found it and the scene just came back, and I was like " Ok so it is you " I was upset and I decided to wake up.
I think I’m not in presence of a succubus but with something else, and my mind just showed me this weird creature just because I feel that it is not it.
Today I will perform bannishing ritual, I will do it for a week, but I know it can be hard to bannish unwanted spirit/demon so I hope it wont last long…

Hi can yall tell me how to have a sucuubus and is succubus kill people or dangerous? And if it was not dangerous how to have a succubus ? Plz tell me

Hey can you tell me is succubus dangerous? If it was not how to have a succubus and how to make her leave if i was in a dangerous situation?? Plz tell me bro

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