How to counter a St. Jude working?

I am in a dead marriage. My husband knows that I want out, but he doesn’t. I found out that he has been praying to St. Jude to keep me in the marriage. That is not what I want. Is there something that I need to do now?

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If you want to stick with angelic or saint forces, I’d just go to Michael and ask him to cut off your ties with your husband

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What killed it?

Lack of intimacy, and we grew apart

If you are Catholic yourself and want to work within that. You can have a talk with Saint Jude yourself. In addition to Saint Michael try Saint Joan of Arc and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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I’m not Catholic. Thinking back now, he told me that he prayed to St. Jude for a woman and I came into his life. sigh

IMO St. Jude is not keeping your marriage. As I know St. Jude helps in difficult situations but he doesn’t work against one’s free will. Maybe he has helped your husband to find you but he is not keeping you together, must have another reason.

Like a black handle and call upon the powers of darkness. If you wish to do so you can also add break up and separation oil.

Write your name and his name on the candle.

Light this for three days or nights preferably. If you can make this three Friday nights in a row.

If I was your husband and saw this I’d leave you. Just sayin.

I obstain from open sex and relationships. My idea is to wait until I am ready to have a family. I know why I want to get married. This will lead me to the right mate.

I feel like he loves you.

Yup, I agree, call upon archangel Michael and ask him to cut the relationship down. Also let saint Jude know that going apart is the best thing for both of you and explain why that is the case.

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What are you worried about. The lost cause saint, St. Jude, indicates your husband already recognizes that the cause is lost. It is his way of releasing his last bit of desire. The step before the final silence which precedes the step where a new desire for a new companion starts.

If you want to call upon a powerful force in this situation, your higher Self is the strongest ally you can ever have.

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Leraje a goetic demon may be of help.

Well maybe she just let him read this then… problem solved

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Well I think her goal is to counter act her husband’s prayer. Doesn’t sound like she’s Actually ready to leave him.

She’s just concerned something might happen if she does or maybe a bad divorce.
I think it’s mind games by her husband.
OP call on whoever your comfortable with and sever that tie. Don’t worry and don’t let him mess with your head to keep you there. Love or no, he is thinking one sided and it will make him just as unhappy, he needs to find another partner.

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