How to control energy when you cannot see it

Is there a method to control energy when you don’t have the senses to see it.

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Through Breath,connect energy Into your breath and simply control your breath using thoughts,will and intention i would describe that techique “According” or “Focused” Breathing.


So you can do that to move energy anywhere. Move energy of destruction somewhere. Move energy into a sigil?

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exactly, yes.

Mudras, daily banishings.

You might feel it, and you can banish it.

The “sign of the horns” with hand (mudra) is thought to banish negative energy for example.

The pentagram can be used to invoke or banish it too


thank you

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I like to add that you build your physical body sensitivities to feel energy/temperature/movement/flow. by way of meditation. physical touch senses is one of the 5 senses. Senses being eye, ear, nose, taste, touch. Just like you develop your hearing and seeing , smell or taste. YOu have to develop your touch in order to work with energy. You use your mind to direct energy. Yet , touch is the cornerstone of feeling energy. That’s why it’s one of the secret to energy work. You need people to develop touch. that’s why i got into bodywork, to get practice with touch. Tai chi helps lots too be aware of body too. Do things that gets you aware of your body. Live in your body. Be present. Too many people avoid body presence. That’s why they feel nothing always being in the head which cause connection issue with other people. Human touch is needed to connect with others. If your not present in body then it’s hard to connect to others.

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