How to contact an entity

Hi ! :slight_smile:

My question today is how can I communicate with an entity?
I think I have one arround me…
I have ask some peoples to read me cards.
And the answer they give me is that it don’t have bad intention, Someone said me it can be a winged entity or a stone angel.
And some one else didn’t know, but said that she feel it can be a deitie of nature.
Another one asked what they might be searching for from me and she pulled the Page of Swords, II of Pentacles, and Knight of Wands. She tell me that they themselves are still unaware of the direction they want to take, and feel that same essence from me as well. They are perhaps hoping that in my company we can find a mission/purpose.

I’m a little lost, but it’s my fault to have asked to many people to read cards for me xD

So now I want to try to communicate with this entity !
I have try with a candle and with a pendulum… I didn’t get any answer. So maybe no one is here or maybe I have to try again and again xD…

Find a medium like a mirror, body of water (or bowl of water) or living tree. Close your eyes after looking at the medium for a while and relax your thoughts. Maybe the answer will be clearer then.

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it remind me of when I was a child and was just fixing a mirror x) It made me feel peacefull now that I remember :slight_smile:
I will try it :slight_smile: