How to conquer fear?

Has anyone done this… conquered fear?
I feel fear is very useful in depicting danger and without it you would be destroyed fairly easily, but has anyone conquered it spiritually or does it just come with experience.

The though of something appearing out of the mist of my incense, would send me running for the hills… its inside me… this feeling in my stomache… it holda me back as someone who wants to be more involved spiritually.

I even asked angels to be near me but when it came to feeling them i crapped myself.

Scaredy scaredy cat. Yet, someone crosses me in other areas of life I feel i am so strong i could destroy them. Very odd to be powerful and meak at the same time… again one of my useless traits - being scared when i need to be strong and full of anger when calm is needed.

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Yes, fear has its purpose. It wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t helpful in certain situations. It is ok to be afraid of certain things, and it is not a “useless trait”. it can even help you sometimes. Fear of failure can help you perform better. When I was in school I always feared failing my tests, so I ended up studying so much that I even dreamed of it. In my dreams I would write the exams and when I didn’t know everything I knew I have to study more. I wrote As, even though I didnt care, I just didn’t want to fail.

But if a fear is holding you back from what you want to achieve, you have to do something about it.

I know what you are talking about. I heard voices and talked to deceased people when I was a child. When I got older, I didn’t want to be involved in any of this. However, I continued to hear noises.
Working with Archangels kinda runs in my family, and even when they told me the noises are nothing to be afraid of, it scared the shit out of me.

Think about whether your fear has a real reason or even a benefit for you. If not, if it hinders you from achieving your goals, face it, and overcome it.


Do some shadow work~

Push through it’s that simple. Everybody on this planet fears something so my best advice:

Take your time, breath and just be in the moment.

When something does appear stand your ground but from a perspective of respect and humility. Cry if you have to, explain why your afraid and ask whoever your invoking to help you. Crying helps release fear, tension and relax you.

I believe conquering fear is just a kid understanding darkness. Why don’t we go to the dark? Because we don’t know what’s in there and we can hit something with our little toe and that hurts like hell. Which is good news because our ancestors could have find wild animals. And that’s terrible.

Also, there is this thing… we spent our teen years preparing ourselves for the real world (as if elementary school isn’t real, right?) and leaving behind all fantasies. We won’t be superheroes. We are not special (but we believe it anyway). We won’t be rock stars (but we try anyway). At some point we understand that mediocre shouldn’t be an insult, and being mediocre at something is a terrible reason to not enjoy that something. And so, we create normalcy. With so much effort that the whole idea of crushing normalcy (with magic, yes, but maybe even with success) may be terrifying.

Maybe you should ask yourself if you really want this.

Recognize it, take the time to understand where it is coming from, truly feel it, and go forward in facing it head on.

Courage is not something you do or do not have. It is something you build each time you are afraid and do what needs to regardless. I learned that lesson well when I called Belial, who honestly scared the hell out of me at the time.