How to Conjure money successfully

The spirits over time have given me a great view of the material world by showing me how to obtain possessions and accumulate wealth in general. I was told to never ask for specific amounts of money as I may be then prompted to just get a job, which is what happens to many people in these types of rituals and in life generally. I was taught that money is nothing more than a means to an end, it is simply credit within the material world, it is just ink on paper in reality and it means nothing within the spiritual realm.

When people ask for money in magical rituals, they may not receive anything because they are really asking for the ‘ways and means’ to receive their objective. We must therefore concentrate on the end result rather than the money to buy it with. Here at last was the reason why I failed so many times at making money, or obtaining material possessions within the context of Black Magic.

Another good method I’ve found of employing magic to make money was whenever I implemented a feasible plan of action and then asked the spirit for it to be successful (You could even ask for inspiration to create an initial plan if this is necessary). All these objectives however are based on an end result and not raw cash as this is confusing to the spiritual realm. We must go for what we want or plough ahead with a definite plan of action in mind and the money will come because of this.

One sure fire way of becoming wealthy is to initially get out of all debt as you can’t effectively make money in this physical state. We then learn to organise our cash better by not buying unnecessary items we don’t want, let alone don’t need. We must now save as much money as possible from all income and then generate profit through investment rather than by simply earning it as these are the best means of wealth accumulation.

The generation of money through a residual income, or many streams of this nature are the ideal conditions to work towards. Most people however work a dead-end job all their life wasting the little that they do earn thereby never having enough to generate money instead through investment. They moan about the cost of living although they never use money wisely enough to become rich………and instead they blame the system and they also tend to hate rich people, which is counter-productive because the mind out of sheer survival would never let us achieve anything that we find a threat!!

(Those that judge the rich will therefore never become so)

Hence most people stay poor and retire with nothing or very little. Black Magic will certainly allow us to not only obtain any possessions, it will also makes us rich when we follow simple ideas as mentioned above, which are used by wealthy people all over the world.


BRILLIANT post there!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for stringing those key points together so clearly, it’s very thought-provoking - I’m great with everyday cash and don’t have debts but the rest all gets a bit muddled up, so we usually end up in that place of having what we need to be comfortable and secure, but never, somehow, that little bit more. Hmmn.

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I see what your saying. It’s not what you make. It’s what you manage to invest that will generate passive income. So u can make money when your not there. I know 2 guys that own a strip club then during the day they buy houses renovate them and sell them. They know nothing about construction. It’s just because they have the money to pay everyone. They do nothing except buy the houses sell and sell them. They’re makeing ab extra 30 to 40 thousand every couple of months. In top of what they make at thier strip club.


Excellent post Savodonger

I find money magic to be similar to love magic in that it is much easier to manifest when you are in a secure place and good head space, in other words when you are not stressing about it. When you worry a out where your next meal is coming from it’s hard to draw in that positive energy to open avenues of success.

I prefer to plan out a course of action that is needed for a particular project and in addition to asking for the success of the project I will ask for help achieveing each small goal as that kind of builds momentum and makes it more difficult for your project to backslide as a strong groundwork has already been laid.

Passive incomes are a fantastic way to supplement what you do for yourself financially. Take for instance EA’s video courses, each one requires a certain amount of effort to create but then never has to be done again, he can sell courses in his sleep and work on other projects while still making money from the previous ones.

Things like ebooks and instructional courses are great ways to keep a consistent even if small amount of money flowing to you. It’s something I’d like to implement myself before the year is out.