How to communicate with an unknown spirit

It was brought to my attention that an unknown entity wants my attention. What’s an effective way for someone whose sneses aren’t fully open to communicate with it?

Pendulum can be used.

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How will I know if the spirit is communicating with me or if it’s my imagination? @DarkestKnight

Practice. It can also help to consecrate the pendulum for spirit contact, and to keep your mind as still as possible, so meditating beforehand is a good idea.

Pendulums work using the ideomotor effect. This is when the tiny muscles in your hand cause it to move via your subconscious mind, which picks up the subtle vibrations/impressions from spirits.

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Meditate before hand and clear my mind, huh? Alright. What’s your opinion on using tarot for communication? @DarkestKnight

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In my opinion, the imagery of tarot is too complex for proper communication, requiring intuitive interpretation, which can lead to someone seeing only what they want to see in it, especially a beginner.


That’s exactly what I was worried about. I’ll stick to the pendulum and asking for signs. Thank you. @DarkestKnight

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